Is there really anything more you need to know?!?

Yes? Ok, here’s everything you need to know:

The Pussy Revolution has arrived, and it is storming Europe.

“What is The Pussy Revolution exactly?” I hear you ask…

It is this: the wild reclamation of the feminine spirit, the unabashed celebration of the female body, the deep connectedness that occurs between women when they come together in support and sisterhood, the sheer enjoyment of life through the beautiful, luscious, soulful, forgotten, berated, pillaged, joyous body.

In this workshop we will unpack the historical shame around Pussy, unlock the codes to your unique expression of confident female sexuality, rewrite what it means to be a woman who can be seen and appreciated by others, declare your power and sovereign beauty to the world, discover what it is that really excites you in life, and generally have a remarkably jolly good time.

The day is split into two halves:

Session 1 in the morning is guided by the theme of MAGIC. Session 2 in the afternoon is guided by LOVE.

PUSSY POWER is what you can expect to go home with! And a profound sense of wonder, awe & delight at your amazingness, and the amazingness of the other women you have just spent a phenomenal day of your life with!

The best kind of healthy nutritious delicious lunch is included, as well as herbal teas, snacks, and lots of free hugs!

The space is a gorgeous penthouse location in Amsterdam (Harbour Island West/ HavenEiland West) with views overlooking the whole city and sunlight beaming through lighting up your glorious wondrous face!

How utterly divine you are!

Your teachers are:

1) Moi - Miss Keeley Olivia - self appointed Head Pussy Queen of the World! (yes - you read that right!) teehee ;-) I am a female sexuality teacher & coach, TEDx speaker (“Masturbation is the New Meditation” - yes it is!), YouTube Sex educator, champion of outrageous human inner thriving, writer, Pussy artist, creative, magical being and lover of the transformational beauty that happens when a group of women come together to celebrate who and what they are!

Here’s what you can expect from me: radical self expression, devotion to the deepest expression of love that bursts out from your soul, tender loving care when that is what you need, and wild raucous dancing and laughter when that is your ultimate medicine.

I am also prone to random bursts of nakedness, in a field, on a street, your local supermarket… (not quite yet for the last one, but definitely in the pipe line so stay tuned for that going viral online!)

I will hold the vision of your brilliance strong and salute the epicness I see within you from the depths of my Pussy to yours.

2) Zehra Handan Aydin - is notorious for her quest for freedom in all aspects of her life, never shy to try new things, but be grounded at the same time. She rubs nettles and anything natural on her face. She loves dancing naked in the moonlight, soaking in Goddess energies. And this all in the name of female empowerment. She is a sexuality coach & a Rejuvenation expert and grew her last community interest company to a multi million revenue a year. 

All hail to Pussy!

Here’s what you can expect from Handan: health and beauty tips that connect your Pussy power to your facial radiance and have you glowing in minutes, a heart so huge it can hold the aches of lifetimes and melt sorrow into joy & acceptance, dance moves that ignite your feminine power into cosmic realms!

She will hold the vision for your Warrioress to birth forth and receive the respect and reverence she is worthy of.

The unique magic that this workshop brings together is one of a kind, and carries a pioneering activating energy with it! If you feel the call - say YES! There are always a million reasons to not follow the intuitive impulses that draw us forward in life, but this is your actual life happening right now, so I always like to ask…

If not now then when?

If not me then who?

What is the very worst that can happen?

What is the very best?

And am I prepared to take that risk?

For me, it is always a 100% Hell Yes - I am always ready for more LIFE - it is the very nature of existence - to expand into more LIFE!

So if your Pussy in tingling in delight (which of course she is!) then take the leap of the Pussy Revolutionary and sign up now…

Spaces are limited to 25 and will sell out fast so book early to avoid disappointment.

Buy two tickets and save €25.