100% Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg


Product info:

The Jade Egg is ideal for pelvic floor strengthening, sensitising the vaginal walls for stronger deeper orgasm, vaginal weightlifting, and cultivating a nourishing and wholesome relationship to your entire Pussy area. 

Your Jade Egg is drilled horizontally at the small end for easy stringing and comes with a certificate of authenticity (9 out of 10 Jade Egg's on the market are fake) and a cute pouch to keep it in.

It is medium in size (1.7x1.2 inch) (43mm x 30mm) which is the perfect size for beginners and intermediate practitioners alike. It has no chemical treatment or dyeing, and is manually carved and polished. 

Everywoman's best friend. 


The Pussy revolution has begun. 

Bonus Instructional Videos:

Your Jade Egg also comes with 2 bonuses:

  1. Getting started with your Jade Egg Video.

  2. Awaken your Pussy Sparkles Jade Egg Audio.

Buy your Jade Egg here:

£70 includes shipping & your two bonus instructional videos. 

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