My STD experience...

If you'd've told me 10 years ago when I was sat in a sexual health clinic getting cryotherapy on my cervix that one day I would be proclaiming this to the world I probably would have passed out in mortification. 

Alas, a lot has changed in that decade. 

And now, the fact I had an STD bothers me less than my random beard hairs. Yes I get those. 

I'm not here to glamorise STD's or encourage you to rush out and get one at your first available opportunity...

Nor do I want to trivialise the real pain and suffering that they, and any ill health, can bring. 

However, I do know that I wasted far too may years being completely disconnected from my Vagina because of my STD experience.

And quite frankly, those are years I will never be getting back.

Years I lost to shame and humiliation, that I never needed take on in the first place. 

In all truth, my Vagina and I were perfectly OK, we were more than that, we were magical, but because I was scared of what was going on down there, and didn't have the support to navigate the emotional impact of having an STD, I never quite fully tapped into her powers!

Thankfully, I stopped being afraid of my Vagina and got over my STD...

And now I'm here to tell that tale to you!

And in so doing, lighten the stigmatic load around STD's and give hope of emotional freedom around our sexual health. 

Watch below this week's video: "My STD experience..."

People have often reflected "courage" or "bravery" to me in sharing such a story, and I always take issue with such terms. 

Since, for there to be courage or bravery there must also be fear, but what is there to be afraid of?

We are just humans living our real human lives, why do we need to be so frightened of who and what we are?

Yes one time I got some warts on my Vag, and then I did loads of other things too. And it helped me grow up and take some self responsibility and it also taught me about cultivating unwavering self-love and self-respect and commitment to myself as well. 

It turned out, in the grand history of my life, to be a positive experience for which I am grateful. 

Just like that time I dug organic potatoes out of a field in Prague. 

Why should either one story have more shame than the other?

Today I choose to un-filter my human experience and stand outside of accepted cultural norms in the aid of love, unity, connection and healing. 

Will you join me?

Watch this week's video now!

Let's ramp up the revolution of no stigma, freedom of expression and soulful self-compassion. 

I love my Vagina, and I know that she loves me. 

See you next week 😉,

Lots of magical Vag love,

Keeley Olivia


let's talk about... SLEEP ORGASMS!

In this week's video...

We're opening the conversation about sleep orgasms! 

What are they, why do we have them and whan can they tell us about human sexuality!

I became fascinated with them when I started to have them!

OMG those are the BEST nights sleep!!


Have you ever had a sleep orgasm?

It turns out... wet dreams exist for women as well! 

Watch the video to find out more!

I'd love to hear your own personal stories so please share them below!

(note: this discussion isn't just for people who've had sleep orgasms - its for everyone, including those interested in having one and those who are just happy to learn about our phenomenal human body!)

Like usual I mix through some fascinating research to make the discussion all the more interesting...

Turns out that up to a third of women have had sleep orgasms!

And that yes, orgasm IS an altered state of consciousness which activates the entire brain - unlike any other human activity!

Lots of love, 

Keeley Olivia

P.S. I'm speaking on the TEDx stage this coming Saturday (13th October) - if you want to come along for a day of mind blowing talks there is still a few tickets left - you can find out more here


My Pubic Hair Horror Stories #hometruthsfromthefrontlineoffemmedome

Do you remember getting your first pubes? What is was like - how you felt?

I was about 10 and in the bath in the house I grew up when I first noticed some little black hairs on my vulva. 

I was a bit mortified, grossed out and also intrigued. I was going to have a woman's body like my mamma! And that felt very exciting!

The road to getting a woman's body however was not going to be an easy ride as I was finding out a few years later. 

Quite frankly, it was going to be fucking traumatising!

In this week's video I share two personal stories about removing my pubic hair as a young woman. 

They are comical and, I hope, endearing and relatable. 

I believe they are the untold stories of many women around the world. 

These are the stories of ordinary female bodies and sexuality. 

It is not all glamour and perfection. 

Yes we are a brilliantly hilarious sex with much more tenacity than the beauty and porn industry would have us believe. 

So if you want a good old chuckle and to reminisce in humour about your teenage years, come join me in today's video made especially for YOU:

Lets inject our real histories into the social narrative and clear the path for future generations of women to be more at peace with who and what they are. 

My vagina is magical. 

And she's a comedy genius too...😉

Watch now^^

And let your Monday be transformed with giggles and joy. 

With love,

Keeley Olivia

Sex and Relationship Expert
Author of Unleashing the Female O
TEDx Speaker
Pussy Revolutionaire

Feminism & Sexuality - Dirty Words or Portals to Empowerment?

When a blatant "feminist" explicitly proclaimed she was definitely not one to me some years ago I was bemused and baffled. 

Why? Why did she feel this need to distance herself so vehemently from this word?

And when I mention Pussies and FEAMLE ORGASMS do most of the population squirm and gasp in horror?

In this week's video I dissect Feminism & Sexuality and investigate whether these are just dirty controversial terms, or if in fact they can be portals to your deepest empowerment...

Watch now!

What are some messages you have received around Feminism & Sexuality?

And on a deeper level - what do the words mean to you?

Share in the comments below! Let's get the conversation started...

Watch the video now!

With love,

Keeley Olivia 🧡✌🏻

A Heart Connecting Practice for Couples

When we are babies we instinctively reach out with our arms from our heart. 

We know that love is integral to survival. 

Love is also integral to thriving. 

When our attempts to connect from our heart is rejected or met with deprivation or punishment, we form both physical and emotional defenses to cope. 

In our emotional body, we experience fear, anger, sadness, despair. These emotions stay within the muscles of the body and form chronic tension, pain, and rigidity when we are blocked from fully expressing them in a healthy and safe way. 

In the ego (personality), we develop mechanisms for keeping the heart closed, hidden and protected which might look like mistrust, denial, skepticism, rejection-of-self, and projection of our lost parts onto others. (i.e. struggling in relationship)...

A closed heart manifests in our lives as drama, addictions to food/ alcohol/ drugs/ and relationships with other people who aren't good for us. 

Turning on the news or going on facebook these days can all feel a bit like we are spiraling at galactic speed towards Armageddon. 

The truth is, we all have the capacity to change the world in an instance right there inside of us.

It's not the politicians or corporations, super-rich or celebrities that will alter the direction of humanity, it is us. 

The people, the individuals, the collective. It is each person making choices in the direction of their thriving in their everyday life that changes the world. 

So my message for you today is to choose love. 

Let the defenses drop; be willing to feel vulnerable, open, seen, known in all of who you are. 

See others for the magnificence that shines within rather than the judgments erected to keep them out. 

It is easy to self-exclude and think you're different from everyone else. Loads of people say they "never fitted in". But what if now that is just your personality structure trying to keep you safe from truly deeply connecting - a feat which requires the most courage of all.

What if behind every shelled heart was a depth and compassion so huge that it could heal your past hurts with one flicker. 

I believe this is the true state of humanity. 

This week's video shares a beautiful practice with you for melting the defenses of your heart and softening into more love, intimacy, connection and expansion. 

Love really is all we need. 

Watch this week's video now below "A Heart Connecting Practice for Couples".

(you can also do this practice with yourself or with a friend if you are currently single)

Love heals everything.

So this week go forth and have the audacity and courage to love and be loved.

Watch now: "A Heart Connecting Practice for Couples".

All my love,

Keeley Olivia 💕💏

Your Magical Orgasmic Vulva

It is estimated that between 10-40% of women struggle with or are unable to reach orgasm. 

For most women, the most known and experienced type of orgasm is the clitoral orgasm.

The clitoris is a phenomenal structure up to 5 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter that spans behind the labia and protrudes back into the body as well - it's not just that tiny little bean that sticks out - that's the clitoris glans, and is just the tip of the iceberg.

Clitoral orgasms can be achieved super quick - in minutes or even seconds - research showed that the average time to orgasm in both men and women was 4 minutes.

The discrepancy between genders seems to me to be in the disconnect and inexperience we have in deeply knowing and freely loving our bodies as women.

Which leads to our bodies being owned by a culture which say we should look or behave a certain way, 

And our pleasure and orgasm becoming mythical, taboo and not of value.

The vulva is an essential and integral part of the female sexual anatomy - yet is has been forgotten and ignored, and worse - shunned, cut and shamed beyond imagination. 

In this week's video, I share with you some fascinating facts and home truths about your vulva - which is of course, home to your fabulous wonderful clitoris - the epicenter of female orgasmic pleasure. 

Watch now "Your Magical Orgasmic Vulva" and let yourself be transported to a world of acceptance, love and celebration for your exquisite female anatomy. 

The re-love-ution is here.

There is no more important work in the world to do right now other than diligently and relentlessly claim your sovereign power by irrefutable radical self-love.

Love starts within. And from there, it transforms the entire world. 

Go love your vulva and discover her magic and majesty today: watch now "Your Magical Orgasmic Vulva".

Until next week, 

All my love and vulva hugs,

Keeley 😊💛✌🏻

The Heroine's Journey of Sexual Awakening

Every woman has to become the Heroine of her own life.

Otherwise, she ends up bitter, lost, lonely, ill or depressed. 

There is nothing more painful than the regret and loathing inspired by self-betrayal.

It takes great courage to become who you truly are; it often involves going against the grain and risking the rejection of those you most love. 

And yet, the boon is always worth it. 

What do we live for if not adventure and the consistent pursuit of self-realisation?

In this week's video I map for your how the Heroine's Journey reflects directly the pathway of Feminine Sexual Awakening, and in seeing this you are cascaded into the knowing that Sexuality work as a woman is fundamental and essential to your ultimate becoming. 

Watch it now: "The Heroine's Journey of Sexual Awakening."

Do you remember the bit in Wonder Woman where Diana arrives to London and she is just there, in her WW gear, stoting around being all badass and wanting to save the world and not understanding why everyone is so shut down and sad and... clothed?

And Steve is all like - 'Diana put this coat on and don't speak to people and stop saying you're going to kill Aries who is causing the war to random humans who just don't get it'. 

Well, Diana represents the true Heroine in all of us - the woman who is unashamed of her body and her beauty, her magic and her power - who knows exactly what her mission is even when the rest of the world denies and ridicules her. 

Wonder Woman became the highest grossing superhero origin film of all time because it taps into a universal story that speaks to all of our souls, and that culturally is becoming safe to tell now too - it is the story of the Heroine's Journey. 

Dianna is not a sexually ashamed woman - she is powerful and vibrant and lets her gifts flow through her beautiful body. 

Now it is time to embark upon your Heroine's Journey too - and reclaim your innate feminine sexuality - which is an integral, and advanced phase of the Heroine's Journey's spiral back towards self.

Let this week's video support you in doing just that: "The Heroine's Journey of Sexual Awakening" - watch above.

It is time to let your unique superpowers unlock and ignite the fire of your life,

Until next week, 

Feel the magic and mystery of your path awaken, 

With Love,
Keeley 💘

5 Reasons Why You Need a Regular Self-Pleasure Practice

Back in April I received an email in my inbox from a co-organiser of a TEDx event telling me that she had put my name forward to be a curated speaker at her event. 

The night before this happened I wrote down in my journal that "I am a speaker to a 100,000 audience".

As I wrote that statement out it seemed not of me, it wasn't something I had ever considered before let alone wrote down on paper. I felt more terror at the idea than excitement, and even as I wrote it out it didn't feel like a desire that came from me, but more through me. A pre-determined destiny of mine that I was somehow connecting into. 

I have always found the grandiose nature of the personal development and coaching industry a bit gross. 

And unnecessary. 

Who am I to determine if 10 or 10 million people want to listen to what I have to say?

My only job is to follow the creative impulse that flows through me in every moment and trust where it has to take me.

It is that, I have learned, that takes most courage.

To be committed to you in every moment, residing in humility when that is what is needed, and speaking up when it's time to do that too. 

I once heard Sophie Turner say that what she's most learnt from playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones is that bravery and courage isn't always speaking up for yourself, it's just not backing down in the face of fear. 

PROFOUND or what?

Anyway, I don't know if my talk will ever get listened to by 1000 people, let alone 100,000, but I did know that morning when I woke to that TEDx email invitation that it was a clear pathway to a potential 'how' for the prophecy I had written the night before. 

I know for a fact that we live in a magical, abundant and awe-inspiring universe that is always supporting you to live as closely to your truth as possible, if only you have the audacity to follow the clues and not back down in the face of fear. 

Regular holistic self-pleasure (aka masturbation) has been key to me developing the courage to say yes to my life over and over again, and that is just one reason why taking up a self-pleasure practice will radically change your life!

Watch this week's video now to discover 5 more! 

I believe that we are on a brink of a female self-pleasure revolution...

That will topple the beauty industry and dissolve low-self worth and body hatred prevalent in women all of the world that huge corporations thrive on.

It is time to let your own revelations be born through you, taking back your own power, and living your own life full bore, with your success determined solely by you.

A regular self-pleasure practice is exactly the magic carpet that will transport you at full throttle towards your very own majestic destiny. 

Apparently, I'm on a mission to get at least 100,000 more Vagina's orgasming so it's high time you joined the revolution and clocked up some of those O's!

Watch above "5 Reasons Why You Need a Regular Self-Pleasure Practice".

Girl Power to you my sister!

With love,
Keeley Olivia O 🙅🏼💛

3 Types of Orgasm for Women

In this week's video, I'm sharing with you three types of orgasm women can experience! 


It is my passion for women the world over to discover and explore their full orgasmic potential!

Click here to watch now: "Three types of orgasm for women".

Find out which type of orgasm is like:

A) a firework
B) a tectonic earthquake rumbling
C) birthing a new galaxy from your vagina

My very favourite subject!

Lots of love and orgasmic magic to you,


The Next Steps for your Sexual Awakening

A common reaction that women have to reading my ebook is...

And... what's NEXT???"

They want to know specifically 'how do I create those sexual experiences and results in my own body?'

And today's video answers just that!

It's the perfect video if you know you're ready for your sexual awakening and are dying to know "what's next?!?!?!?"!

Watch now: "The Next Steps for your Sexual Awakening".

It's not just me, or some Tantric sex-guru, who sexual awakenings are available for.

The truth is, that sexual aliveness and vibrancy is your natural wild human expressive state. 

Don't let your Pussy fall wayside to over-medicalisation or religious indoctrination. Claim the pleasures and treasures that you, dear friend, beholden. 

Your Vagina was epically made and came henceforth into being via another Vagina.

So it's time to celebrate your Vagina magic and say "Er... YES Please!" to YOUR sexual awakening. 

Right here, right now: "The Next Steps for your Sexual Awakening" (watch above!).

With love and a merriment of naked frollicks forever,

Keeley Olivia 

De-armouring: A Masturbation Technique for a Magical Vagina

If you hadn't noticed already, I am on a mission.

A mission to wake up the Pussies. 

A mission to wake the fuck up the magical pulsating living thriving unicorn birthing Vaginas of the planet. 

I've heard some say "the witches are back",

And I couldn't' agree more. 

If you want a Dragon breathing Pussy of Daenerys magnitude then you HAVE to watch this week's video right this very second. 

I made it for you.

Well, in truth, I made it for your Vagina. 

And I know she is purring with delight right now; I can hear her. 

Watch below:

Say goodbye to numbness, pain, tenderness, boredom, apathy, loneliness and heaviness. 

Say hello to a mighty magical fairy-nymph-woodland-sprite vagina of enchantment and mystery and pleasure galore. 

De-armouring is the masturbation technique that will get you back home, to the sexual thriving you deserve. 

Until next week, may you birth mythical creatures from your Vagina a plenty. 

With love,
Keeley Olivia 💛💜🧡

The Secret To Great Sex

It's here!

The holy grail of life. The secret wisdom that will unlock all of your sexual potential and transport you to the realms of a magical orgasmic Vagina!

The secret is not what you expect, but it is the ultimate foundation, from which an expansive life-affirming sexuality can grow into something beautiful. 

Without knowledge of this secret, sex will always feel a little disappointing, unfulfilling, or even just plain boring and meh. 

And all of your pleasure and sexual aliveness will feel like it is fully dependent on someone (or something) else!

This is such a crying shame! 

The secret I share in this video will propel you towards the incredible majestic sexuality that you were born to feel. 

Watch now "The Secret to Great Sex" and discover what women of generations past never knew.

May you go forth this week and create ripple effects of happiness and connection in the world by unlocking a deeper portal to your sexual wisdom,

With love and Pussy rays of moonlight,

Keeley Olivia

3 Ways to Self-Soothe During Arguments

Arguments in long-term relationships are the worst when all we truly want is to feel loved, cherished and understood by our partners. 

There is little that compares to the pain we can feel when at war with our loved ones. 

Have you ever found yourself mid-argument wondering 1) why am i acting so crazy and 2) how can we ever get out of this mess?

...hope feels lost and the heaviness of the argument seems impossible to navigate!

This is exactly where Bobby and I found ourselves last week after a major move and traumatic health scare! 

We were both running on stress cycles in our nervous systems (constant fight, flight or flee) and the result was that our scared inner children were out in full force attempting to run our adult relationship!

Which, if you hadn't guessed, is not the most ideal place for them to be!

The truth is, I think that the majority of people find themselves in similar dilemmas at some point in our relationships - stuck, challenged, hurt, scared, confused - yet oftentimes we feel like we are the only ones who struggle, and make it mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with us or the relationship.

That may be the case if the foundation of the relationship is built on dysfunction or abuse, but if it's built on love and genuine care for one another, it might be that you just need some skills and know-how on how to sail through the storm. 

In this video, I share with you 3 practices that you can use to break patterns of dysfunctional communicating by taking care of your own needs and soothing your nervous system when it is triggered. 

This allows you to show up from a healthy place in your relationship and communicate your truth effectively. 

Watch the video now... 

When all we need is a little love, giving it to ourselves first and foremost can be the most healing antidote to pain.

I have found the three techniques I share in this week's video to be core essential components to me being able to engage fully in an emotionally healthy and mature thriving partnership. 

Sadly, very few of us ever see what an emotionally and sexually healthy model of relationship looks like and so instead of thriving in relationships, we perpetuate the patterns of dysfunction that are inherent in so much of our cultures relating and find ourselves struggling instead. 

That doesn't need to be the case. 

Go find out how to support yourself to be in a beautful and loving relationship today...

By watching the video above!

It is our small interactions with the people close to us that weaves the fabric of our planet, make sure these count and are laced with love for yourself and others. 

I'm sending you infinite oodles of kindness and compassion for you and your wounded inner child.

She/he is magical and deserves to feel so. It's time to parent yourself in a way that is infused with divinity and ultimate loving truth. 

Wishing you access to all the magic and healing that your relationships have to offer, healthy functioning is key.

With love,
Keeley Olivia 

3 Powerful Practices to do with your Jade Egg

It's a bit cool these days to have a Jade Egg...

Yet so many of the women I know who have one don't have a clue what to do with it. 

Which is a bit like having a yoga mat but not really knowing how to do yoga...

And we all know that it is in doing the practice that the results occur..

So having one of these super magical earth stones but not utilising it to its full potential is such a waste of potential Pussy power!

Which is exactly why I made today's video for you... "3 Powerful Practices to do with your Jade Egg" - which by the way you should watch right now!

In the video, I share with you why the Jade Egg is a phenomenal and essential tool for any sexually awakening woman.

If you could put the powers of the Jade Egg in a pill and sell it in a pharmacy it would be dominating the world right now. 

But thankfully you can't: the earth created this special crystal for us over potentially millions of years.

Yes please to ancient earth magic in my Pussy.

You'll also find out about 3 different types of Jade Egg practice you can use to super-power your luscious vagina today!

Hooray for luscious, happy, juicy and empowered vagina's!

Go watch the video and begin your Jade Egg adventures today!

Until next week...

With love,
Keeley Olivia 💎💚

What long term relationships really take...

Dear friend,

Usually, on a Monday I come to you with an epic video sharing some wisdom, tip, insight, practice or call into greater Pussy magic!

This week, however, I am coming to you with a different offering and introducing my daily article writing over on Medium

Today I share "What long-term relationships really take" and give you a peek behind the scenes into my own relationship. 

It's funny, honest and... real. 

I get so sick of all the unattainable perfect preachy shit out there, which more often than not makes a lot of people (me included) feel like I'm not doing a good enough job at being 'an adult in relationships'. 

Well, here's to being a real-life human in relationships!

You can read the article here and if you like what you read, please follow me and share with all your pals!

I publish real, honest, hilariously witty, insightful and jolly entertaining reads daily about Sex, Love, Relationships, and of course... what it is like to lead The Pussy Revolution on the front lines from The British Isles. 

So come join me! It would be an honour to connect with you over here too. 

Click here to read my article "What long-term relationships really take" and follow me on Medium.

And if you want to catch up on my video's check out my extensive library on YouTube here:

I will be back next week with a brand new video and potentially a sighting of me dancing naked with a real-life unicorn in The Trossachs. 

Until then, have a fabulous magical sexy sunshining week,

Love and Pussy rays of starlight,

Keeley Olivia 🌟🌈


A Practice for Creating Powerful Boundaries

I had the fabulous honour of teaching a workshop at The Alternative Weekend Solstice Retreat this Saturday.

I might say that I was awakening or liberating the Pussies, but in all truthfulness, it is always the Pussies awakening and liberating me just as much. 

Sharing sexual awakening work and embodiment practices with other women is profound. 

A little taste of the freedom and beauty possible to them, and kaboom, women are ready to wake the fuck up and shake their life-giving Pussy juice all over the globe.

As soon as you put love, safety and belonging in a room full of women and invite full self-expression, the fullness of SHE will show up and blow our tiny minds into smithereens. 

THIS is what I live for.

It is hard to convey this magic and witchery over video but alas I hope you take something of the glory from it. 

The practice I am sharing here this week was a favourite from the workshop, and it is designed to support you in stepping into the full powerful Queen Warrior Priestess Pussy that you are. 

It is like a lightning bolt to the soul and will jolt you into the truth of WHO YOU ARE. 

Zigazig ah!

Watch now: 

What would the world be like if more women knew and stood for their real embodied YES's and NO's?

What change would yours create in your own life?

Let that be your reality from now.

Sending you love and magic on this epic journey through life,

With Love,

Keeley Olivia O 🧡🚀

A Naked Ritual to Increase Self-Love & Radiance

In today's video I am sharing you with a fabulous Naked Ritual that you can do to maximise self-love and inner radiance in your life!

This practice will skyrocket your natural beauty and create genuine deep love and compassion towards your gorgeous vibrant body!

Watch it now...

I spent way too long hating on my body - like way too many women and humans do!

What would the world be like if we channeled all of our positive energy into magic making and profound love for self, others and the earth instead of the crazy criticism and self-loathing we waste it on?

Wild animals own their embodied powerful expressions and let the innate life force that is them surge through! They are inherently worthy and devoted to themselves. They don't have to learn self-love because they intrinsically live as the expressions of pure consciousness that they are. 

They are majestic and divine... like you! Returning to this truth is our natural state!

The gentle, nourishing and beautiful naked ritual practice I share with you in the video will transport you back to your original glowing vibrant expression of beauty and radiant love - from within. 

It is an honour to share with you and I hope for every human to know the innate magic that they are!

Click here to watch "A Naked Ritual to Increase Self-Love & Radiance" Now!

Sending you SOOOOO much love and Vulvalicious sparkles for your week ahead!

With love and goodness,

Keeley Olivia 

6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women

When I was a teenager I remember being so horny that i would have stuck just about anything phallic shaped up my vagina to try and get off. 

One time I used the handle of my hairbrush I was so desperate to try... something! 

Oh gawd I I felt so much shame!

And it never gave me the relief I expected so I didn't bother again. 

Looking back I wonder... why did no-one give me glass dildo or jade egg and a nice little self-pleasure book for girls written by some feminist revolutionary?! (Oh yeah cos that didn't enter exist hence my life mission...)

Why was I brainwashed into being terrified of my own sexuality for fear of being raped or getting pregnant and ruining my life?

Oh, how some real feminine wisdom and guidance could have drastically changed the course of my sexual experiences as a teen, young woman and even older woman for the better!

Thankfully, I am here now, wiser and more knowledgeable than ever before on the art of female sexual expression and I am here to end the pervasive shame and offer a new paradigm for beautiful innate female sexual experiences. 

NOTE TO THE WORLD: female sexuality is beautiful, female masturbation is normal and healthy and we NEED to teach women the feminine erotic arts to end disempowering sexual experiences. 

Watch this weeks video "6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women" below to be a part of this revolution.

I know I wasn't alone in my throws of female teenage unsatiated horniness... 

My hairbrush handle moment was not in isolation - I know women who shoved all sorts up their vaj's or rubbed on their vulva's in aid to try and get off!

Here's just a few that came back to me from a quick survey I sent out this afternoon...

Candles, tampons, vibrating pens, torches, table ends, horse riding, jacuzzi jet sprays, the shower head (of course), and a candy stick! 

This^ is ordinary. (Feel free to write your unique pussy adventures into me!)

And we are doing a great disservice to women by pretending that vibrators and porn and other humans (who quite frankly typically haven't got a clue) are our best bet at learning how to holistically get off when coming into age and beyond.  

Ignorance isn't an answer. All it does is perpetuate disempowerment and push sexuality further into the shadows and create more unnecessary shame. 

(And BTW... if we had been teenage lads experimenting in this way... it would be pretty standard that we have been knighted with legendary status. The shame would be nil and our balls and comedic status would be massive. Isn't that the truth?!)

We all know as adults that sexual expression is incredibly important to feeling creatively alive and free and connected in our lives. 

And guess what? The key to lasting beautiful epic sexual relationships with other people is to, first of all, creating them for ourselves. 

Masturbation IS the new meditation. 

And it is the key to your wild liberated bliss.

It is time for women to step fully into an empowered sexual narrative and that starts with ending shame and creating a holistic self-pleasure practice in their lives. 

This is where REAL self-care begins. 

And so here it is to normalising outrageous female horniness, and here I am offering tools, wisdom, knowledge and skill for women to learn how to harness their wild innate beautiful sexuality for themselves and their own pleasure. 

Yes, I do believe that sexually empowered women will (and are) changing the world. 

Reclaim the magical beautiful radiant pleasure that lives in your exquisite body here right now by watching "6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women"

She has been waiting for you to arrive your entire life. 

This is your key. 

With love and Pussy freedom always, 

Keeley Olivia 🥒💚

How to have an ANGER-GASM 🌋

The angry woman. 

It is the archetype that no woman wants to be known as. 

Suppressed female rage is rife and in my humble opinion is the main contributor to that pesky PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), and many other physical ailments we see that gnaw away at our body’s natural functioning. 

The human body is not a machine; it is a holistic integration of physicality, psychic and spiritual expression. 

Each cell has a purpose and is animated by a life force to do that job in the unique expression of YOU. 

For a very long time, women’s emotions have been considered a detriment to the otherwise sound and rational functioning of the human brain. 

Her sexuality has been owned; by her father, husband, society, culture, legal system or governmental state and her survival mechanism has been to assimilate in favour of that which guarantees her economic stature. 

Business genius if you ask me. 

And now, now times are changing. That shit ain't cool no more, and bitches are fucking furious. 

But still SOOOOO ASHAMED of their deep primal rage. 

In today’s video, I share a super fun and emotionally energising and liberating practice to unleash your wild primal rage in a safe way.

(And FYI, I've never met a woman who doesn't have a deep primal rage accessible at her core. It is innate in who we are. Though many of us are in denial about our anger and turn it against ourselves. Enough is enough. It's time to freely express and release all that has ever kept you caged...)

So watch “How to have an ANGER-GASM” now! 🌋👇🏽 

Suppressed female rage is the rage of MEDUSA who had her head severed by the oppressive oligarchy.

It is the fury of Regan MacNeil who had her body demonised and her sexuality distorted by the Christian Church in The Exorcist. 

It is the grief and pain and devastation of the persecuted witches, the women (& men) raped, and the lands and people colonised and pillaged by war. 

It is the vehemence against all earth and animal abuse. 

It is vile eruption of guttural NO to a class system that denies acknowledgment of the tender creative soul that lives inside all of us.

Human female rage is a powerful potent force that truly has the capacity of ferocity to alter the course of the world. 

It is time for women to unleash and embrace their inner WILD-WOMAN… actually. 

Not just that watered down version that has become over-marketed, and commoditised by the fake "spiritual" well-makers. 

Your wild primal rage is your key to transformation. 

Make peace with her, let her teach and lead you and find the freedom in your body when you awaken your deepest power AND your deepest LOVE. 

It is time to say NO to all that which seeks to destroy your innate unique expression and watch the world transmute into something better as a result. 

Your rage is beautiful. 

Your anger is a gift. 

Don't suppress it and pretend it doesn't exist; allow it to express in healthy ways and let it channel you to greatness. 

We cannot ignore the suffering of our histories and of the planet any longer. Let's look at what most are too afraid to see and let it be the becoming of us. 

Channel your favourite female animal and know how fierce she is when protecting her home, her cubs, her sustenance. Be prepared to flash your gnashers and bare your fangs (like my cute pooches do) when they are protecting their boundaries or defending their right to a fucking epic existence. 

Yes. That message is right from my CUNT to yours. 

Embrace your outrageousness in every aspect of its brilliant magical wild expression. And let it righteously change the world. 

And if you want to know what anger has to do with sex and Unleashing the Female O, well I’ll tell you…

Full-bodied expressive female sexuality IS just that… 


Sexuality is NOT only about pleasure and orgasm, just like life isn’t. And when we limit it to that, we limit our experience of life’s full glory. Full sexuality is experienced when we have the emotional freedom to go wherever our humanity takes us in the moment, whether that is deep grief, sacred stillness, wild cackling, tongue-out Kali-esque rage or grunting and groaning in the sweaty throes of transcendental orgasmic bliss. 

Sex isn’t just sweet. 

Sex is a WILD PRIMAL expression of our SOULS. 

And this anger-gasm practice will take you closer to that than you’ve ever been before. 

SO go now, and watch my epic anger-gasm blow your mind apart as to what you think a real “laydeeee” is. 

Go have your own ANGER-GASM now! 🌋👆🏽

This has been my favourite video to make for you yet. 

It makes me laugh and is so fucking liberating it’s unreal.

This is the real POWER of PUSSY!

Have the most incredible week…

All my love and deep courageous wisdom, 

Keeley Olivia O


Your Sexual Energy Is A Portal To Your Creative Genius

Few people know the energetic/ spiritual/ creative truth of the universe/ world/ body.

Most people prefer to live in square confines, boxed walls, ceilings caving in (physically or metaphorically) and live only for the weekends when they might just get to experience an inebriated glimpse of pure ultimate freedom. 

I used to live that life. 

But I always knew deep down that there was another way...

I always knew that at my core, I was a genius, and this way of living was doing nothing to support the full soulful expression of my absolute brilliance... 

I had a friend at school who would say to me... "you're a genius Kee, you're gonna change the world, you're gonna be a millionaire one day..."

And deep down, in my soul, I knew he was right, I believed him so solidly. I never doubted it for one minute.

Until years later when I found myself in the "real world" - 

You know that make-believe place that adults pretend is actually real but is nothing more than an utter farce. 

That place where we all wander around doing jobs we'd rather not and propping up a system we don't believe in and never saying what we really mean and just living our lives like never ending groundhog days because what else is there to do but conform and agree and pretend like everyone else?

WOW! My stint in that world was NOT GOOD FUN. 

Here's the thing... I always knew my soul was dingledodie.

(They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I've been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!")

Trying to force myself to be someone or something I am not has always felt like a massive betrayal to my soul.

I could have gone the Phd route and be in the £100k+ prestigious job by now, which would look very impressive on paper, but deep inside, my soul would be dying. 

I could have jumped on the Pyramid coaching bandwagon when it exploded a couple of years ago and created my own version of the "6-figure" success, but for what?

I'm not interested in anyone else's outside definition of success - I am on this planet for one reason and one reason only - and that is to fully actualise to the authentic expression of my unique humanity. 

It is to fully realise the core expression of my magical creative cosmic potential...

It is to unlock and fully live out my most wildly liberated primal brilliant GENIUS. 

I am a universal cosmic Queen expressing in a beautiful human body and it is time to live that truth! 

Are you with me??

The secret that nobody knows is that fully integrated and expressive sexual energy is the portal to your wild unleashed genius.

It is what the Chapter entitled "Sex Transmutation" in the book Think and Grow Rich is all about (but no personal development guru ever mentions that Chapter do they?!)...

And in this week's video, I am sharing with you exactly "Why Your Sexual Energy Is A Portal To Your Unique Creative Genius" - watch below now and see your life explode with colour and brilliant captivating ideas!

You are a genius, a magician, a wizard, a witch.
You are a human creator.
A generator of sheer divine brilliance.
A vast portal of powerful human potential waiting, longing, deserving, and desiring to fully soulfully authentically express. 

The time is now: your Magnum Opus work is waiting for you to claim it and bring it henceforth into materialisation. 

Go forth and use "Your Sexual Energy To Unlock Your Unique Creative Genius" Now!

Until next week,

Sending you all the magic and sparkle the universe has to offer,

With Love,

Keeley Olivia ✨🌸