A Naked Ritual to Increase Self-Love & Radiance

In today's video I am sharing you with a fabulous Naked Ritual that you can do to maximise self-love and inner radiance in your life!

This practice will skyrocket your natural beauty and create genuine deep love and compassion towards your gorgeous vibrant body!

Watch it now...

I spent way too long hating on my body - like way too many women and humans do!

What would the world be like if we channeled all of our positive energy into magic making and profound love for self, others and the earth instead of the crazy criticism and self-loathing we waste it on?

Wild animals own their embodied powerful expressions and let the innate life force that is them surge through! They are inherently worthy and devoted to themselves. They don't have to learn self-love because they intrinsically live as the expressions of pure consciousness that they are. 

They are majestic and divine... like you! Returning to this truth is our natural state!

The gentle, nourishing and beautiful naked ritual practice I share with you in the video will transport you back to your original glowing vibrant expression of beauty and radiant love - from within. 

It is an honour to share with you and I hope for every human to know the innate magic that they are!

Click here to watch "A Naked Ritual to Increase Self-Love & Radiance" Now!

Sending you SOOOOO much love and Vulvalicious sparkles for your week ahead!

With love and goodness,

Keeley Olivia 

6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women

When I was a teenager I remember being so horny that i would have stuck just about anything phallic shaped up my vagina to try and get off. 

One time I used the handle of my hairbrush I was so desperate to try... something! 

Oh gawd I I felt so much shame!

And it never gave me the relief I expected so I didn't bother again. 

Looking back I wonder... why did no-one give me glass dildo or jade egg and a nice little self-pleasure book for girls written by some feminist revolutionary?! (Oh yeah cos that didn't enter exist hence my life mission...)

Why was I brainwashed into being terrified of my own sexuality for fear of being raped or getting pregnant and ruining my life?

Oh, how some real feminine wisdom and guidance could have drastically changed the course of my sexual experiences as a teen, young woman and even older woman for the better!

Thankfully, I am here now, wiser and more knowledgeable than ever before on the art of female sexual expression and I am here to end the pervasive shame and offer a new paradigm for beautiful innate female sexual experiences. 

NOTE TO THE WORLD: female sexuality is beautiful, female masturbation is normal and healthy and we NEED to teach women the feminine erotic arts to end disempowering sexual experiences. 

Watch this weeks video "6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women" below to be a part of this revolution.

I know I wasn't alone in my throws of female teenage unsatiated horniness... 

My hairbrush handle moment was not in isolation - I know women who shoved all sorts up their vaj's or rubbed on their vulva's in aid to try and get off!

Here's just a few that came back to me from a quick survey I sent out this afternoon...

Candles, tampons, vibrating pens, torches, table ends, horse riding, jacuzzi jet sprays, the shower head (of course), and a candy stick! 

This^ is ordinary. (Feel free to write your unique pussy adventures into me!)

And we are doing a great disservice to women by pretending that vibrators and porn and other humans (who quite frankly typically haven't got a clue) are our best bet at learning how to holistically get off when coming into age and beyond.  

Ignorance isn't an answer. All it does is perpetuate disempowerment and push sexuality further into the shadows and create more unnecessary shame. 

(And BTW... if we had been teenage lads experimenting in this way... it would be pretty standard that we have been knighted with legendary status. The shame would be nil and our balls and comedic status would be massive. Isn't that the truth?!)

We all know as adults that sexual expression is incredibly important to feeling creatively alive and free and connected in our lives. 

And guess what? The key to lasting beautiful epic sexual relationships with other people is to, first of all, creating them for ourselves. 

Masturbation IS the new meditation. 

And it is the key to your wild liberated bliss.

It is time for women to step fully into an empowered sexual narrative and that starts with ending shame and creating a holistic self-pleasure practice in their lives. 

This is where REAL self-care begins. 

And so here it is to normalising outrageous female horniness, and here I am offering tools, wisdom, knowledge and skill for women to learn how to harness their wild innate beautiful sexuality for themselves and their own pleasure. 

Yes, I do believe that sexually empowered women will (and are) changing the world. 

Reclaim the magical beautiful radiant pleasure that lives in your exquisite body here right now by watching "6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women"

She has been waiting for you to arrive your entire life. 

This is your key. 

With love and Pussy freedom always, 

Keeley Olivia 🥒💚

How to have an ANGER-GASM 🌋

The angry woman. 

It is the archetype that no woman wants to be known as. 

Suppressed female rage is rife and in my humble opinion is the main contributor to that pesky PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), and many other physical ailments we see that gnaw away at our body’s natural functioning. 

The human body is not a machine; it is a holistic integration of physicality, psychic and spiritual expression. 

Each cell has a purpose and is animated by a life force to do that job in the unique expression of YOU. 

For a very long time, women’s emotions have been considered a detriment to the otherwise sound and rational functioning of the human brain. 

Her sexuality has been owned; by her father, husband, society, culture, legal system or governmental state and her survival mechanism has been to assimilate in favour of that which guarantees her economic stature. 

Business genius if you ask me. 

And now, now times are changing. That shit ain't cool no more, and bitches are fucking furious. 

But still SOOOOO ASHAMED of their deep primal rage. 

In today’s video, I share a super fun and emotionally energising and liberating practice to unleash your wild primal rage in a safe way.

(And FYI, I've never met a woman who doesn't have a deep primal rage accessible at her core. It is innate in who we are. Though many of us are in denial about our anger and turn it against ourselves. Enough is enough. It's time to freely express and release all that has ever kept you caged...)

So watch “How to have an ANGER-GASM” now! 🌋👇🏽 

Suppressed female rage is the rage of MEDUSA who had her head severed by the oppressive oligarchy.

It is the fury of Regan MacNeil who had her body demonised and her sexuality distorted by the Christian Church in The Exorcist. 

It is the grief and pain and devastation of the persecuted witches, the women (& men) raped, and the lands and people colonised and pillaged by war. 

It is the vehemence against all earth and animal abuse. 

It is vile eruption of guttural NO to a class system that denies acknowledgment of the tender creative soul that lives inside all of us.

Human female rage is a powerful potent force that truly has the capacity of ferocity to alter the course of the world. 

It is time for women to unleash and embrace their inner WILD-WOMAN… actually. 

Not just that watered down version that has become over-marketed, and commoditised by the fake "spiritual" well-makers. 

Your wild primal rage is your key to transformation. 

Make peace with her, let her teach and lead you and find the freedom in your body when you awaken your deepest power AND your deepest LOVE. 

It is time to say NO to all that which seeks to destroy your innate unique expression and watch the world transmute into something better as a result. 

Your rage is beautiful. 

Your anger is a gift. 

Don't suppress it and pretend it doesn't exist; allow it to express in healthy ways and let it channel you to greatness. 

We cannot ignore the suffering of our histories and of the planet any longer. Let's look at what most are too afraid to see and let it be the becoming of us. 

Channel your favourite female animal and know how fierce she is when protecting her home, her cubs, her sustenance. Be prepared to flash your gnashers and bare your fangs (like my cute pooches do) when they are protecting their boundaries or defending their right to a fucking epic existence. 

Yes. That message is right from my CUNT to yours. 

Embrace your outrageousness in every aspect of its brilliant magical wild expression. And let it righteously change the world. 

And if you want to know what anger has to do with sex and Unleashing the Female O, well I’ll tell you…

Full-bodied expressive female sexuality IS just that… 


Sexuality is NOT only about pleasure and orgasm, just like life isn’t. And when we limit it to that, we limit our experience of life’s full glory. Full sexuality is experienced when we have the emotional freedom to go wherever our humanity takes us in the moment, whether that is deep grief, sacred stillness, wild cackling, tongue-out Kali-esque rage or grunting and groaning in the sweaty throes of transcendental orgasmic bliss. 

Sex isn’t just sweet. 

Sex is a WILD PRIMAL expression of our SOULS. 

And this anger-gasm practice will take you closer to that than you’ve ever been before. 

SO go now, and watch my epic anger-gasm blow your mind apart as to what you think a real “laydeeee” is. 

Go have your own ANGER-GASM now! 🌋👆🏽

This has been my favourite video to make for you yet. 

It makes me laugh and is so fucking liberating it’s unreal.

This is the real POWER of PUSSY!

Have the most incredible week…

All my love and deep courageous wisdom, 

Keeley Olivia O


Your Sexual Energy Is A Portal To Your Creative Genius

Few people know the energetic/ spiritual/ creative truth of the universe/ world/ body.

Most people prefer to live in square confines, boxed walls, ceilings caving in (physically or metaphorically) and live only for the weekends when they might just get to experience an inebriated glimpse of pure ultimate freedom. 

I used to live that life. 

But I always knew deep down that there was another way...

I always knew that at my core, I was a genius, and this way of living was doing nothing to support the full soulful expression of my absolute brilliance... 

I had a friend at school who would say to me... "you're a genius Kee, you're gonna change the world, you're gonna be a millionaire one day..."

And deep down, in my soul, I knew he was right, I believed him so solidly. I never doubted it for one minute.

Until years later when I found myself in the "real world" - 

You know that make-believe place that adults pretend is actually real but is nothing more than an utter farce. 

That place where we all wander around doing jobs we'd rather not and propping up a system we don't believe in and never saying what we really mean and just living our lives like never ending groundhog days because what else is there to do but conform and agree and pretend like everyone else?

WOW! My stint in that world was NOT GOOD FUN. 

Here's the thing... I always knew my soul was dingledodie.

(They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I've been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!")

Trying to force myself to be someone or something I am not has always felt like a massive betrayal to my soul.

I could have gone the Phd route and be in the £100k+ prestigious job by now, which would look very impressive on paper, but deep inside, my soul would be dying. 

I could have jumped on the Pyramid coaching bandwagon when it exploded a couple of years ago and created my own version of the "6-figure" success, but for what?

I'm not interested in anyone else's outside definition of success - I am on this planet for one reason and one reason only - and that is to fully actualise to the authentic expression of my unique humanity. 

It is to fully realise the core expression of my magical creative cosmic potential...

It is to unlock and fully live out my most wildly liberated primal brilliant GENIUS. 

I am a universal cosmic Queen expressing in a beautiful human body and it is time to live that truth! 

Are you with me??

The secret that nobody knows is that fully integrated and expressive sexual energy is the portal to your wild unleashed genius.

It is what the Chapter entitled "Sex Transmutation" in the book Think and Grow Rich is all about (but no personal development guru ever mentions that Chapter do they?!)...

And in this week's video, I am sharing with you exactly "Why Your Sexual Energy Is A Portal To Your Unique Creative Genius" - watch below now and see your life explode with colour and brilliant captivating ideas!

You are a genius, a magician, a wizard, a witch.
You are a human creator.
A generator of sheer divine brilliance.
A vast portal of powerful human potential waiting, longing, deserving, and desiring to fully soulfully authentically express. 

The time is now: your Magnum Opus work is waiting for you to claim it and bring it henceforth into materialisation. 

Go forth and use "Your Sexual Energy To Unlock Your Unique Creative Genius" Now!

Until next week,

Sending you all the magic and sparkle the universe has to offer,

With Love,

Keeley Olivia ✨🌸


There is a secret that I want every woman to know...

It is this: you are a wild sexy wonderfully orgasmic being exactly as you are. 

Seriously, just because you are alive means you are sexy.

Sexy AF might I add. 

Here at KO we are redefining what sexy means, because guess what? Sexy exists within you, it originates from the inside of your Pussy and the depths of your soul. 

In today's video, I am sharing some of the simplest yet most profound sexual wisdom you have ever heard. 

It is how you can create the holy grail of the FULL BODIED ORGASM... watch now!

You can do this right now, on your own, no partner needed. 

Just you and your body and your breath and your absolutely brilliant MIND. 

Can you believe?

That's all you ever needed to have a good time?

Oh those wasted teenage years and awkward fumbles. If I'd have known this wisdom as an adolescent I'm pretty sure I would have had a much happier time and avoided many cringe-worthy sexual experiences!

It's time for women to claim their own pleasure for themselves and redefine what it means to be a sexually awakened woman.

This is ultimate female empowerment.  

And it baffles me just long this life-changing wisdom has been kept hidden for. 

It is time for this knowledge to be in the hands of every woman on the planet.

So here it is: Go Have Your FULL BODIED ORGASMS NOW!


I am sending you the wildest love and rainbow unicorn sunshine Pussy stars,

You are miraculous.

Keeley 💜🌞

Two radical ways to curb arguments in long-term relationships

Do you ever have those days when you and your partner seem to just constantly get on each other's nerves?

Like, you're really doing each other's heads in, constant bickering, picking at each other, feeling so super frustrated that you don't seem to be able to connect in the way you so deeply desire?

Me and Bobby definitely have had days like that, and still do sometimes. 

Years ago it would last the whole day or more and we would feel at a loss for how to navigate our stalemates that left us feeling so misunderstood and alone. 

One minute I'd be there with high hopes for our weekend adventures and the next I'd be tardissed back in time to that 14-year-old waging war on her dad. 

Oh the exasperation for this human in front of me! 

Nowadays we are able to catch ourselves much quicker and re-navigate the ship towards harmony, though we still can spend way longer than we need to in our fight to be right. 

I believe that better relationships are the ONLY thing that can TRULY change our world and bring more towards peace, love, kindness, and compassion.

So that is why I made you this weeks video sharing "my two favourite radical ways to curb arguments and increase longevity in long-term relationships".

Watch now:

You won't find anyone else sharing these tips, because they are so much more effective than most of the basic communication skills out there which always rely on the other person playing game. 

These two practices will allow you to:

1) stay centered and in control (instead of reacting) when you're partner is having a freakout AND
2) direct your own energy to bring the greatest capacity of love and healing to you and your partner during challenging times (yay).

YOU are powerful to influence your relationship in the direction that you want and that is a beautiful realisation and capacity to hold. 

Here's to you creating more love in your life and your partnerships, because, really, love IS all you need,

Go watch the video now: "Two radical ways to curb arguments in long-term relationships"

Sending you infinite sunshine and spring goodness,

With love,
Keeley Olivia

It's time to love your LUSCIOUS BODY! woot!

Hello friend! 

Recently I was writing for my new upcoming book (Unleash the Power of Your Pussy) and was conducting some research as to just how many women dislike their bodies and here are some of the shocking statistics I found... 

  • 97% of women will be cruel to their bodies today 
  • 90% of women say their body causes them to feel down 
  • 80% of women in the USA are dissatisfied with their appearance and 60% of British women hate the way they look
  • 40% of 7-10-year-old British girls feel they are not pretty enough 

WTAF PEOPLE????!?!??!!!?!?!

How utterly devastating is this state of affairs?


How many times have you said to yourself that you will love yourself when... you lose an extra kg or 10, you workout x times per week, you stop eating carbs, you make more sales, you get that job, or that guy, or that promotion. 


The madness stops today. 


Watch "It's time to LOVE your LUSCIOUS body!" now and join the Keeley-reLOVEution. 

I know for an absolute FACT that either you yourself have hated/ despised/ berated/ abused/ judged and loathed your very own magnificent body OR you know another WOMAN who has. 

Today's video will help you heal and let go the systematic oppression of female bodies that you have internalised and open your eyes to the real truth about yourself...

That you are as majestic as a wild Cheetah and it's time to start owning the fuck out of your spots!

Yeehaaaaa to THAT!

Woot woot! Shabba. 

You know what to do...
Watch "It's time to LOVE your LUSCIOUS body!" now.

Your life will never be the same again. 

I love and ADORE you infinitely. 

You wild luscious beast la femme. 

Go claim what is rightfully yours and say HELL NO to the STATUS QUO!

Until tomorrow the whole world is my home la la la la!

With love, 

Keeley Olivia 🐆🌻🙌


P.S. Obviously I'm coming to your from a hot tub for a bank holiday special cos why the heck would I not be?!? 🤩

5 Signs You're Ready For A Sexual Awakening

Today I'm here to share with you some deep insider information around what this sexuality work is all about. 

You see, to the ordinary eye, sexuality work might look like it is about pleasure, better sex, improved relationships, stronger orgasms, deeper connections with your lover and increased intimacy in your life. 

A hedonistic pursuit perhaps, for the new age garlic loving liberal who has time to browse Bali in his or her spare time. 

And yes, sexuality work certainly does encompass incredible orgasmic experiences and powerful relating that will transform your entire life, though you can be anyone anywhere and experience profound sexual awakening right now. 

It is not reserved for the elite tantric masters or Indian guru's. It is for extra-ordinary people like me and you, living our fucking brilliant non-normal lives who crave just a little more YES.

Sexuality ISN'T really about SEX, 
It is about your WILD yes to LIFE. 

Orgasm isn't about PLEASURE, 
It is about discovering your DIVINITY within. 

Partnership isn't about 'better-COMMUNICATION' (yawn)
It is about healing and integrating our DEEPEST wounds...

So that we can LOVE
And we can LIVE
That when we come DANCE with DEATH
We will SHOUT
You can TAKE ME NOW, 
For I GAVE all of MYSELF to LIFE
I gave ALL of MYSELF to LOVE
AND I said YES YES YES when it mattered MOST.

SO if you think you might be ready for your wild sexual awakening, I put together a little video for you here which describes the 5 biggest signs that you are ready for this deep profound work.

It is not for everyone, in fact very few can handle the depth and power of this incredible work.

Watch "5 Signs You're Ready For A Sexual Awakening" below now to see if it could be exactly what you've been searching for.

(They aren't what you think and if you're here reading this, I bet 100% you recognise yourself in ALL of them!)

If you watch right to the end you will see Bobby channeling the Fairy King and our Mighty Boosh inspired nipple pasties! ✨😉

Hehe - there's never a dull moment over at KO HQ! 

Watch it now! It will be the best decision you make ALL week!!! 

Watch "5 Signs You're Ready For A Sexual Awakening" above.

Sending you love and Fairy Magic as always, 

Keeley Olivia O 🧚

Why I use the word Pussy (alot)

In this week's video, I am sharing about why I use the word Pussy so much and how when you reclaim this word too it can change your whole experience of being a woman!

I know this word causes strong visceral reactions in many women as it may do for you. I certainly used to cringe every time my sexuality teacher said it and willed for her to stop. 

Couldn't she choose a different word instead? Anything but... Pussy.

Through my own sexual awakening and healing, Pussy started to take on a different meaning for me. 

I believe that words have a certain energy and power, and if you ask them to, they will reveal they're true essence and transmission to you. 

So I did this with 'Pussy', as I was awakening my own Pussy to portals of divine bliss and deep feminine integration, she started to reveal to me her unique magic and truth to me. 

Watch "Why I use the word Pussy (alot)" below. 

What I came to learn is that Pussy is a portal to transcendence through eroticism and pleasure. 

And that the true energetic transmission of Pussy is a wild vibrant gateway to the Goddess. 

Which is anything but weakness. 

Reclaiming the word Pussy is the first step to your primal sexual feminine awakening!

It is my desire for every woman to know and live the majesty and glory of her own purrfect Pussy. 

Watch above for your initiation into the wisdom and beauty of Pussy... 

And let me know in the comments below what Pussy means to you! 


Sending you all my Magical Pussy Love,

Keeley Olivia 😻👑

Feel Sexy Instantly & Live a Magnetic Life With This Sensual Practice For Women

I'm so excited to share this sensual feminine practice with you today on how to feel instant sexiness and magnetism. 

It is a real game changer. Do this for a few minutes each day and you will electrify your magnetism and live life as though you are in an intimate embrace with the universe itself. 

It is like you are a magic wand and this practice opens the channel for you to download and transmit your divine feminine prowess on the world. 

As Bobby once said, it is like you can suddenly switch on light with your Pussy just by pointing her at it. 

Yes he said that.
Yes my Pussy can do that.
Yes yours can do. 

Watch below: "How To Feel Sexy Instantly & Live a Magnetic Life With This Sensual Practice For Women".

Use this sexy practice to get into your best manifesting state and watch as the sexy opportunities come your way. 

In this video I'm channeling my Sexy Viking Warrioress...

Mmmmm there's nothing quite like feeling hot as chips and like the sensual smokin diva you were born to be. 


All my love

Keeley Olivia

P.S. Apply for Orgasmic Wild & Free today and find out how this powerful work can transform your life into a constant stream of miracles. 

Find out more info here: www.bit.ly/orgasmicwildfree

Find Your G-spot & Have G-Spot Orgasms! Woohoo! 💥

It is my mission to bring you wild orgasmic magic and epic transcendental sexual experiences and this here video is one of my best yet in achieving that mission. 

For 28 years I didn't think I had a g-spot - and then poof - within 30 minutes of learning the info I share in this video I had experienced my first earth-shaking, body tingling g-spot orgasm. 

Pure divine magic right inside my Vagina. 

This was after years of buying into the myth that the g-spot is a myth and believing that my vagina was flawed.

My vagina is far from flawed, and so is yours. 

It's time to get exploring, so get ready to "Find Your G-spot & Have G-Spot Orgasms! Woohoo! 💥"

Click below to watch NOW! 

This is the TRUTH, WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE I want for every woman to know. 

This is what I want to be taught to young women about their bodies - how to pleasure themselves, how to discover the magic of their magnificent beautiful gorgeous bodies and how to experience the pure divine bliss that is available to them always. 

Fuck the beauty myth.
Fuck needing pharmaceuticals to just function in life. 
Fuck the so-called "scientists" who say the g-spot doesn't exist.

It's time to claim your POWER and TRUTH as a woman. 

It's to claim your G-SPOT AND YOUR ORGASM!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - reclaiming your sexuality, your body, your divine bodily gorgeousness is revolutionary.

And I would even go as far to say that discovering your g-spot and her orgasm is the MOST RADICAL ACT OF FEMINISM AND ACTIVISM YOU CAN TAKE TODAY. 


That is all. 

I love you and your fucking epic radical g-spot.

Here's to orgasmic world peace happening everywhere right now. 

Keeley Olivia O  

4 Biggest Blocks To Sexuality For Women

In this weeks video, I am sharing with you the 4 biggest blocks that women have to allowing their full authentic vibrant sexuality. 

When you allow the full force of your sexuality to flow through your body and your life - pure magic happens - because your sexual energy is the most potent force in existence. 

If you want to get to a place where you can Birth Your New Reality From Your Vagina (in other words use, Sex Magic for advanced manifestation), then first you have to release the fundamental sexual blocks keeping you shamed, triggered, humiliated and small. 

So many women are curious about using Sex Magic yet are still terrified of the word PUSSY. Which is exactly why "Fear of Pussy" is the number 1 block I see keeping women sexually shut-down and small. 

"Fear of Pussy" comes in all sorts of insidious forms and is caused by societal lies, scaremongering, maintenance of the status quo, fear of change, unhealed emotional baggage, sexual trauma, past hurts and more. "Fear of Pussy" is a blatant lie and once you get that, your life will be forever changed. 

Watch the video "4 Biggest Blocks To Sexuality For Women" to find out why, how and what the other 3 blocks are keeping women sexually stuck, small and insignificant. 

Women say to me all the time - "wow, I follow your work and love what you do" - slightly in awe and shock and terror -yet they never comment on it publicly. They are desperately craving to talk about, to explore it and to transform their Pussies into the full majesty they know them to be, but the fear usually wins, and so they watch from the sidelines, waiting until the masses have latched on. 

Are you on the front lines of the revolution with me? Or are you peeking through closed eyes waiting until the whole world has woken up to the truth. 

You know what they about genius: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

I always knew I was a born genius. 

If you're here, I'm guessing you are too. 

Watch this week's epic video above

To Pussy infinity and beyond.

With Pussy love and juice,

Keeley Olivia O

How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction In Long Term Relationships (for partners)

There is a dark seething shadow in sexuality that affects way more people than you would think but that no-one dare speak about. 

Men are too ashamed to speak about this and their partners have no idea how to fix it - so what happens? Unnecessary divorce, endless arguments, and frustration, disconnection, and a whole lotta grief. 

The reason why we have no clue how to navigate it is because we have been fed a lie about sexuality and especially male sexuality. 

We have been brainwashed to believe it is normal for men to want to have sex all of the time - with anyone or thing - and that if he doesn't, or heaven forbid, isn't able to, well then he isn't truly a man. 

As for a woman, if she has a sexuality that is greater than her partners (if she's heterosexual), well then she is an anomalous lustful insatiable slut. 

The conditioning around sexuality is very strong and rife and damaging for both men and women but in very different ways. 

In today's video, I'm talking about some ways it's been especially damaging to men and how their women can support them...

I'm talking about how you can deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) in long-term relationships.

The advice I share in this video is also applicable to you if you and your partner experience different levels of sex-drives - i.e. one of you has a really high desire for a lot of sex more so than the other.

Many women who have higher sex drives than their partner can feel like something is wrong with them that their partner's don't want to have sex as often as they do, because, well, aren't men supposed to be sexual beasts who want sex all the time?! 

(hint: no more so than women, but that's the lie you've been fed)

Not getting your sexual needs by your partner is one of the most painful and challenging experiences you can go through in an intimate loving partnership and it can feel hopeless and despairing to be in this place and not know how to navigate through it skillfully. 

You may feel like separation or finding a new lover is your only choice but in this video, I share new innovative insights and advice that you won't find anywhere else (because no-one is having this holistic conversation about ED)!

Even if you don't suffer from having a higher sex drive than your partner or have ED in your relationship, this video still has some epic awesome sex advice (like how to worship cock) so be sure to check it out above.

This video focuses explicitly on what the partner who isn't getting all of their sexual needs met can do to ease frustration, blame, and expectation and increase love, connection and compassion back into your relationship. 

It's not an easy subject to talk about but it's time to end the shame once a for all. 

A man's penis is an expression of divinity whether flaccid or hard and it's time we remember that truth!

You are here leading the revolution. 

What a star you are! ⭐️

With love and deep compassion,

Keeley Olivia O

Using Archetypes in Sexual Play

I am coming to you today with a fabulously exciting and rather advanced sexual practice for you to explore!

I have a whole chapter dedicated to creative sexuality and it's transformative power in my upcoming book, and today's video is based on just that: creative sexual play. 

Watch the brand new video: "Using Archetypes in Sexual Play" below: 

You may have come across Archetypes in Jungian Psychoanalysis or explored them in modern day personal development.  

It doesn't really matter where you heard about them first, what does matter is how much potential they hold to allow you to integrate and access aspects of your psyche that you may otherwise not have the courage or confidence to express. 

Archetypes offer you a quantum tunnel towards the full force of who and what you want to express, meaning that you can surpass barriers of fear that you previously could not.

And in so doing, you get to express and discover the deepest, darkest, most adventurous and exquisite parts of your sexy self that you previously longed to know...

I share my very favourite Archetypes that you can start your explorations with today!

It's super sexy and I'm so excited for you to watch - I'd love to hear about your sexy adventures playing with your favourite Sexual Archetypes in the comments below!

Why not break your sexual taboo's and had a little fun with yourself? 

With love and a juicy Pussy,

Keeley Olivia O

Best Intimacy Practice Ever For Couples

Just a few years ago I remember lying in my bed late at night wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn't seem to make my relationship work. 

We would get into such frustrated places where nothing made sense and had no skills or know how to navigate out of these bafflements. 

I would have a full-blown tantrum in my utter despair only to feel even more distanced and isolated from my partner with whom I was trying to connect. 

If there is one thing I am deeply passionate about it is learning how to live and love more freely. 

I am astounded at the absolute non-existent formal training and development we receive as human beings to create healthy lasting and soulful relationships. 

Most of us are running around blaming, shaming and trying to change our partners. 

But guess what? What if no-one at all needed to 'change', what if everyone was perfect just as they are right now?

What if all they needed were greater capacities of love and holding and kindness?

How would that shift your mindset from one of closedness to one of growth and possibility?

In today's video, you get to witness how Bobby and I transformed our relationship from one hopelessness to one pure divine love and gratitude. 

It's beautiful. You're going to absolutely love it. 

Click below to watch it now: Best Intimacy Practice for Couples Ever

Let me know what takeaways you get from this video by leaving a comment on the blog below. 

I love you infinitely,

Here's to humans like YOU, changing the world one intimacy practice at a time. 

WIth love and gratitude, 

Keeley Olivia 

P.S. I'm pretty sure this video places Bobby in the realms of Mr Darcy - what do you think?

Create deeper CONNECTION in your relationship with this WILDLY fun practice

Dear reader, 

How jovial of you to be here today in celebration of your wild naked human-ness.

Are you here to peak a little glimpse of a couple of plonkers "bare buff bangling", as they say in Ye Bonnie Scotland, through the wilderness on a crisp spring day?

Or are you just here to learn how to create deeper intimacy, increased love and wholesome connection in your own life and relationship?

My guess is that it's the latter, but luckily for you (or not depending on how you look at it), you get the other thrown in for free...

This video is for all the people who want to take their power and passion into their own hands and live wildly in love with life. 

In honour of Valentine's day it is offered as a partnered practice,  but it is also a great one to do on your own, every minute of every day!


Click below to watch and learn how to "Create deeper CONNECTION in your relationship with this WILDLY fun practice".

To infinity and beyond. 🐴⚡️

Keeley Olivia 

Create More LOVE in your Life with this Profoundly Beautiful Intimacy Practice

With Valentine's day on the horizon, this week I decided to share with you a very special 'love practice' that my partner and I do daily. 

You do not need a partner to do this practice, which is guaranteed to increase feelings of intimacy, connection, happiness, love, and joy. As I describe in the video, you can do it with any other human, or yourself, or of course, your Vulva...

(The latter is an advanced practice I have all my private coaching clients do ;))

Anything that is going to increase more love, connection, and kindness in the world is well worth it, and you need only 1 minute to do create this right now. 

So why not gift that to yourself, and watch your day profoundly shift...

Watch "Create More LOVE in Your Life with this Profoundly Beautiful Intimacy Practice" below.

It is Bobby's video debut (apart from that time he pretended to be an orangutan in the woods) and wow I just feel so much all-encompassing love and gratitude for this magnificent human being. 

He even put his morph suit on while doing the ironing just for your perusal. 

So if you want to see a big Scottish man don a St Andrews flag spandex onesie (who doesn't?) - this video is for you...

Right after we made the video, we signed up for a Soul Mate training - the only one of its kind in the world. 

Which means that later this year, we will be adventuring through Europe to discover the next level of what our lifelong partnership is about for us. 

How wonderfully exciting?! And terrifying too

I am certain of one thing at least: there will be lots of brand new material for a good entertaining story...

You see, a number of years ago now I signed me and Bobby up for a couples Joyful Loving training weekend. It sounded epic, and although Bobby was quite mortified by my actions, he was up for trying it out. 

When we arrived at the venue (obviously late cos it was in the middle of nowhere) we weren't quite sure if we had turned up to an orgy or not (and we still aren't really); it was a mix of tantra and shamanism and other things I aren't quite sure of - and as I find is typical with these kinds of spaces... rather sparse boundaries and a little bit of a weird subculture you can't really put your finger on. 

But we were there and it was only 3 days and we were staying in a caravan in a field and so agreed that we could leave at any moment should we so choose but we might as well stick it out, just to see...

During one of the practices - Bobby's least favourite of them all - everyone had to put on blindfolds and then we were instructed to "unleash the rapist" and suddenly the room filled with screeches and groans and well, how would you feel if you weren't expecting to unleash your rapist in a room filled were strangers and were suddenly instructed to?

We went to visit my Dad last month and Bobby recalled this story to him, I looked at him - eyes wide and gaping mouth. Deary. My Dad is a man who spends all of his spare time watching Sky Sports. 

Bobby thought it was hilarious. 

And so who knows what new anecdotes we will unveil upon our Soul Mate journey to announce to my unassuming father as the football pools are announced in the background...

But you can be sure they will be hilarious and that we will share them with you here first. 

In the meantime, go enjoy LOVE and LIFE and fill your day with gratitude that you, my dear, exist. 

So go watch "Create More LOVE in Your Life with this Profoundly Beautiful Intimacy Practice" now. 

With love and orgasmic world peace coming your way, 

Keeley Olivia O

Closing the Gender Orgasm Gap & Moving to Sexually Thriving

The women's empowerment movement is something I have often wondered if it is in truth the women's dis-empowerment movement. 

Glossy photos, unattainable aspirations, crawling the walls striving to close the gender pay gap. 

What if we took a step back and looked from a different perspective? What if we focussed on closing the gender orgasm gap instead?

How do we take something like the #metoo campaign of 2017 and turn it into a model for sexual thriving?

And not just a whitewash acceptance on the face of the world of how bad things have gotten.

A declaration for a different paradigm.

In the video today I ask the question: is justice enough?

Is justice enough for you? 

Click below to watch it now.

Why is it that most female leaders are still too terrified to speak about the true core essence of a woman's innate inherent power?

The power of her Pussy. 

Let that not be so shocking to you dear friend, for, of course, it is the place from which you came and the place to which you will return. 

The eternal black void that is the womb of life where the spark of creative divine potential births all manifest existence. 

Has anything ever come into being that wasn't first imagined?

So what do you imagine might be possible for yourself when you allow the full potential of animating life force to course through your veins, instead of suppressing it as best you can with false ideas about reality and matter and energy?

I expect it might be an atomic bomb of YOU waiting to express. 

I hope, for the sake of all of us, that you alas give in to who and what you are and beam it henceforth from your mighty Vagina. 

It is my hypothesis that if we work on closing the gender orgasm gap, the gender pay gap will disappear by default. 

Our focus has hitherto just been on the wrong side of the equation. 

So what do you say to a shift in perspective this fine Monday?

You might just get your tiny mind blown open in the process and in so doing discover another core part of your majestic wonder. 

Here's to #notme and orgasm equality for all. 

Join this revolutionary conversation and share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Love and fluorescent electron beams activating from my Pussy to yours, 

Keeley Olivia O

The Magical Jade Egg

Today is a big day. 

Monumental, in the history of things. 

Capitulation ends here and now. 

Because today I have for you quite possibly my most important and revolutionary message yet. 

Oh yes. 

It poured out of me, down from the heavens above, and of course up from the realms deep within my Pussy and Womb. 

I cannot tell you in words just how imperative this message is, for the world right now, for the women of the planet, and most poignantly, for you. 

Why you? Well because you are here, reading this. You said YES. 

You feel the call; you are here in the trenches, heading up the front line of the Pussy revolution, getting down and dirty in the thick of it, feeling all of the feels and churning up the old paradigm of disempowerment and disconnect, seeing it dissolve as the new dawn emerges. 

You, my friend, have the courage to be here when most are still too afraid, and for that, I salute you. 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~Anaïs Nin

The day has come for you to blossom, into all of your majestic brilliance, and to help on your journey I have the most valuable of Talisman to support you...

It was kept a secret for so long, and now it’s revival is upon us. 

Perhaps the most prominent symbol of true female sexual empowerment and awakening in existence...

I give to you…

“The Magical Jade Egg”.

Click below to watch it immediately - for it will be the best decision you have hitherto in your life made! 

I am throwing all humility out of the window today when I say with the most certainty that I have ever had, that this video is TED-worthy. 

I would even go as far to say OPRAH worthy. 


That’s right, THAT is how much I BELIEVE in this message and the power of this work. 

And that is exactly why you need to watch it right now and share it with every human you know!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^

The time is now, the women marched this weekend, and now their Pussy ripples penetrate every pocket of the globe with power and wisdom and boldness and strength. 

A strong woman MUST have a strong Pussy. 

And the Magical Jade Egg will provide you with that and so much more. 

So make haste and discover what the Magical Jade Egg is going to do for you. 


And your Magical Pussy Powers, 

I see you and it is wondrous.

Epic love and revolutionary genius to you dear sister,

Keeley Olivia O