A Full Moon Self Pleasure Prosperity Ritual πŸŒ•πŸ‘›

Years ago, when I was first waking up to my witchy nature, I started setting intentions and following the Moon's cycle each month.

In fact, the first online course I ever ran back in 2016 was called Moon Magic, and one of the practices the students had to do was a little Moon lesson I learnt at primary school back in 1993 when I was 5 years old (more on that later on - the Moon practices I teach now are quite different πŸ˜‰)!

I always have an awareness of where we're at in a Moon cycle now - if New or Full is approaching, and what astrological sign those will fall in, but it's pretty rare for me to go all in and do a full blown ritual...

But every now and again, when I'm feeling particularly sultry and like my ancient soulful erotica needs to express, I will create an epic Prosperity Self Pleasure ritual in tune with the Full Moon...

Howling at her as my body ascends into the Skies which are her home...

Reaching peak pleasure at the moment of visioning my hearts true desires burst into bloom before me - really, it is as remarkable as it sounds. 

So in honour of last week's Full Moon, and as a gift to you as one who loves to dance with the Sun and the Stars on this bountiful Earth, I made a video detailing how you can create this very ritual for yourself:

"A Full Moon Self Pleasure Prosperity Ritual" - Watch the video now and be initiated into your mystic Pussy Priestess ways ->

Our sexual energy is a potent force, and the essence of desire is at the core of all creative energy which is what brings all manifestation forth on the material plane.  

What we are seeking is also seeking us. 

And you can harness the magic of the Full Moon and your almighty orgasmic Pussy to bring that which you desire closer to you. 

This video gives you the step by step instructions in doing just that (watch it above^^).

Plus, it's super fun and sexy to take an hour to sensually dance naked with yourself when the Moon is glowing bright overhead. 

Until next week, 

Feel your magic pulsing strong,

With love,

Keeley πŸŒ•πŸ‘›

P.S. Here is the Moon Magic practice I learnt at school aged 5: First you take a piece of card and draw a grid on it consisting of 7 squares across by 4 down, each square is 3cm cubed. Then each night, for 28 in total, you have to go outside, find the moon in the sky and draw into the square for that day the shape of the moon using a 2 pence piece. On day 28 you before you your very own moon chart, created from watching and sketching the moon each day.