What your Erotic Fantasies reveal about you...

When you let your mind wander, free and uninhibited, into the wild realms of your erotic fantasies what are the images and scenes that present themselves?

Would you be horrified if someone else could see into the desires of your soul?

Or do you secretly long to share your sexual fantasies with another?

Freedom of thought is a liberty worth fighting for.

Policing our own internal sexual world can lead to suppressed shadow sexuality, shame & guilt racked within our own belief system that keeps us shut down and conforming to a society that says that sex is taboo and only desire within a very narrow fixed parameter is acceptable. 

I say that your erotic fantasies are a portal to profound creative power & can lead you to discovering your authentic sexual code.

In this week's video I guide you through a practice that I created for August's Self Pleasure School (my monthly course dedicated to offering you the most exquisite & revealing sexual practices around).

It was a hit with the students, and I hope it will also be a hit with you...

Watch the video now to discover "What your Erotic Fantasies reveal about you..." >>

It's time to end unhealthy sexual shame that keeps you inhibited and small,

And it's time to embody the deep magic that lies hidden in your private world of sexual desire. 

This is me, calling an end to all thoughtcrimes on our authentic and beautiful internal erotic worlds. 

Explore the practice now by watching the video above, and come into full ownership & self-love of your vibrant imagination. 

With love & magic,

Keeley 🔮