Astrology & Sex

I wanted to offer you something different this week, an angle you may have not considered before in your sexual journey...

A super fun & extra magical way of exploring your unique sexual expression…

This week I I am sharing with you what to look at in your Astrology chart to understand your personal sexy flavour & passion style.

Did you know that your Astrology chart holds many keys to understanding your unique expression of sexuality?

In this video you will learn the two major planets that hold the archetypal energies you embody sexually…

Sounds exciting right?

“Astrology & Sex” - watch the video now & literally embody the stars in your Pussy >>

I used to be skeptical of Astrology - having had a 10 year career as a professional scientist - but then I met an old woman in an enchanted house who introduced me to the art and changed my mind forever…

It was exactly like something out of movie! ;-)

Now I love Astrology because it can offer us so much insight and depth into our individual desires & expression of eroticism & sexuality.

This is probably the most fun video on sexuality I have ever made!

“Astrology & Sex” - watch the video above now.

Enjoy... It is infused with the magic of the stars! 💫

With love