How To Activate Your Cervical Orgasm ❤️💥

This week I am sharing with you the most empowering & activating aspect of female sexuality known to woman...

The Cervical Orgasm.

Growing up I had no idea what a Cervical Orgasm even was, let alone how I could begin figuring out how to have one!

I'm not sure I even knew what a Cervix was.

And yet, while the Cervix has a physiological definition based on its biologic function, I am here to tell you that the Cervix is sooooo much more...

In my TEDx talk (which is now on the TED website by the way!!! Hugely celebrating that the Sexual Revolution has gone mainstream!) - I describe the Cervix as...

"the actual gateway that opens when every human life is ready to enter the physical from the mystical",

and the place at which "I had danced with grace".

This is the true exalted position of a woman's Cervix - the place where She - the woman - can tap into and become all of the cosmic wisdom of the universe.

The orgasmic experience where disempowerment dissolves, because She - the woman - is the epitome of enchantment & wonder & awe.

The Cervix is a portal to so much pleasure & galactic expansion through our bodies & our lives…

And here is the process you can take to "ACTIVATE YOUR CERVICAL ORGASM" today, shared in this week's brand new video >>>

It is my hope for women everywhere to come to know their own sovereign beauty & power through the innate phenomenal innocent righteous sexual self expression that lives inside of them.

We birth new human lives from our Vagina's, and we birth brand new paradigm's on the planet when our potent creative life force essence is turned on.

Activating your Cervix will light you up & tap you into the beacon of guiding light for humanity that you are.

Plus, it will feel really fucking exquisitely damned good and you will radiate & magnetise like a powerful Goddess.

It's time to pulse & vibrate at the frequency of pure ecstatic magic, which means it's time to "ACTIVATE YOUR CERVICAL ORGASM" Now!

Please share this video far & wide with any woman you know who is ready for her stellar Pussy awakening!

Until next week,

Have a wonderfully orgasmic time!

With love,

Keeley Olivia ❤️💥