The Myth of the Tight Vagina

You might have heard that a "tight" Vagina is the best kind around. 

Alas, you would be mistaken. 

"Tight" Vagina's are a byproduct of the teen Porn culture that perpetuates our sexual world. 

An actual tight Vagina is a medical issue, known as Vaginismus, which is caused by involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vaginal opening, making penetrative sex painful or impossible. 

The kind of Pussy that you really want, is one that will...

>> leave you with exquisite potent earth shaking orgasms,
>> give you the Pussy dexterity required to provide your lovers with mind blowing pleasure never before experienced,
>> and allow you to feel a sense of embodied empowerment previously only seen in Wonder Woman.

It's not a tight Pussy, but it is a S**** and S***** Pussy. 

Can you guess what the two S words are?

Watch this week's video to find out...

I want everywoman in the world to have the experience of living with a S&S Vagina, 

You capacity for orgasmic pleasure & ability to be unforgettable in bed lies in busting the myth of the tight Vagina and stepping into the true sovereign power of your almighty Pussy!

Watch this week's video and join the ranks of Power Pussies the world over...

Until next week, 

My Pussy salutes you,

Keeley Olivia πŸ±πŸ’«

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