This is what Sex Of The Future looks like ⚡

Alot of the new age sexual teachings remind me of Morrissey's lyrics in The Smiths song 'Panic'...

"Burn down the disco's, Hang the blessed DJ's, Because the music that they constantly play... IT SAYS NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE"

They say nothing to me about my life. 

People say that sexual awakening belongs to Tantra. 

I say that is wrong. 

Human sexuality is indigenous to, well, humans. 

And we are at a crucial time in history where looking back provides us nothing for the future. 

Old paradigms, top down oppressive teachings, Guru lineages. 

They all belong to times gone. 

Now we co-create Sexuality Of The Future, 

A Sexual narrative as innovative and wild as Bowie's galactic star infused music of the 70's. 

We are writing the brand new maps, one's which see all, value all and bring in the transmissions of unique creative sexual exploration into the foundation of brilliant human relating. 

In this week's video I share with you my vision for "Sex Of The Future" - watch it now & join me in this epic co-creation of a brand new sexuality for the planet —>

We are the generation to pave the way forward for Sex to take it's rightful exalted place among the elated consciousness of humans. 

It starts with us,

Right here,

Right now...

Watch "Sex Of The Future" Now & follow your destiny into the beauty of futuristic intimate fuelled living. 

Until next week, 

Have an outrageously fabulous time,

With love & cosmic orgasms,

Keeley Olivia ⚡💄