Learn the Primal Sex Breath Technique

In this week’s video I share 3 different types of Sex Breath you can use to unlock & awaken your instinctual innate sexuality including:

1) The Primal Sex Breath

2) The Erotic Sex Breath

3) The Activating Sex Breath

These breaths are sure to activate the depth & fullness of your vitality and raw sexual expression so that you can live vibrantly and intimately connected to your life force energy.

Learn the 3 types of Sex Breath by watching the video below:

Each type of breath will create a very unique experience of awakening sexuality within your body…

1) The Primal Sex Breath unlocks the ancient wildness that lives in your pelvis and commands that you drop out of habitual thought patterns/ disempowering beliefs during sexuality. It brings you deeply into the primal truth of who you are and connects you to the raw power of your body. POW!

2) The Erotic Sex Breath is deeply sensual, pleasurable, stimulating and enlivening for the snaking eroticism of your soul to flow and writhe through your body… this breath will make you magnetic, it makes your eyes glow and your skin radiate the joy of aliveness! YES!

3) The Activating Sex Breath activates the subtle yet profound wisdom that is sleeping dormant in your sexual organs. This breath can feel deeply healing, wholesomely nourishing, and very gently yet powerfully stimulating calling forth the potent intelligence of your body and sexuality. YEEHA!

You have so much power within!

Until next time, let your breath catapult you into new dimensions of beauty & divinity!

With love & Pussy Magic as always,

Keeley Olivia 💜 🌻