30 Days of Cervical Orgasms

To me it is obvious what a virile and lively sexuality brings into one’s life. 

But I realise for some, the dots are not so easy to connect. 

I find myself prescribing cervical orgasms often to blank faces. 

The truth is that not many women even know what cervical orgasms are, let alone how to create them and how to use them as potent tools of transformation. 

So over the next 30 days, I will enlighten you to the magic and powers that reside sleeping deep in your wondrous vagina. 

For a wise woman (me) once said, that when the Female O of The World Unleashes, a mighty change in consciousness will follow, bringing humanity into the state of harmony and love it so desperately craves.

Here’s to a world filled with life affirming Pussies and their unique magic expressed. 

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I also made a video sharing a little more about the project which you can watch below.

Woohoo for (literally) Birthing New Galaxies from our Vaginas!

With Love & Magic,

Keeley Olivia