3 Ways To Feel More Sexually Confident

It's pretty common place to have deep insecurities around our bodies and sexualities. 

I find most people think they are more secure around this than they actually are...

And find themselves shocked when they meet a new partner or take their relationship(s) to new levels only to discover fears and doubts they didn't even know they had! 

There's so much pressure in the world to be perfect somehow. To conform to a standard. 

But you know what, I've never met two human beings who looked exactly alike, and I've encountered tens of thousands of humans faces in my lifetime. 

So why would our bodies and our sexualities be anything like anyone else's?

It is ludicrous to expect that really. 

In this week's video I am sharing "3 ways you can feel more sexually confident" and thereby allow your true sovereign sexual self to shine fully in the world. 

Our sexuality ought to be a beautiful radiant expression of who we are, a place to be vulnerable, creative, raw, tender, eccentric.

Micro- and macro -cosms of our souls.

So watch this week's video and use the three easy strategies I share to feel more sexually confident and express your true self where it most matters (in your most intimate endeavours)!

We all deserve to feel good about who we are and the bodies we inhabit, 

And feeling sexually confident can bring us radical freedom and joy within, 

With love and Pussy magic as always,

Keeley Olivia πŸ’«πŸ’œ