5 Tips for Feeling Great While Dating

Have you ever tried to build new relationships as an adult and found it really quite incredibly hard?!?!?

Where you used to feel like you had the charisma of JLaw and the cool of Debbie Harry, you are now left wondering... do they like me?

10 years ago, you would have thought they were a total numpty for not liking you, but now, you question yourself, your magic and wonder if well maybe you've just not got it any longer!


Yes. We've all been there. This can show up in building any form of new relationship, be it romantic partnership, dating, friendship or opening up or exploring any types of new relationship. 

And it can be so painful to endure - the fear and pain of rejection is real, yet the desire to share ourselves and experience beautiful intimate connections with other humans is a drive that we all share. 

Is opening your heart worth the risk?

Well of course I believe so! 

So I made a video for you sharing 5 Tips For Feeling Great While Dating (or building any form of new relationship!), so you can navigate the emotional tides of human relationship with grace and dignity. 

Once youโ€™ve watched the video, let me know in the comments below how you have found navigating new relationships as an adult and any tips you have for making the whole process easier!

Persevere and you will create the expansive beautiful innovative relationships that your soul truly desires.

With love & Pussy magic,

Keeley Olivia xxx ๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒŸ