How to Masturbate in a Tantric Way

In today's video,

I'm sharing how you can use masturbation, orgasm and self-pleasure,

As a portal for personal transformation to move through grief, sorrow, sadness,

And find beauty, joy, liberation in the body, mind and soul on the other side! 

Who knew our sexuality was so full of vitality and primal instinctual wisdom?!

Watch this week's video now… "How to Masturbate in a Tantric Way"…

If you've ever burst into tears during or after sex, or witnessed a partner do so, its likely they were tapped into the tremendous power our sexuality holds to heal, integrate & transform our inner and outer worlds. 

When we can trust in the intelligence of our bodies, and allow the intuitive creative impulse of our imagination to take us on a journey, we can step into new ways of living that before seemed impossible or too far away to reach.

Imagine having a profound sexual experience right now exactly as you are that bought you deeply into connection with the magic and profundity of life. 

This is when all that isn't real falls away, and you become fearless to be boldly you in the moment. 

You are connected to the fragility of life but yet you don't fear it, you revel in the vulnerability of being fully present and your whole body is filled with love and awe. 

What people don't always understand is that it is experiences like these that give you the capacity to let your soul fully shine brightly in the world. 

And that is what we are all really seeking. 

We need not be afraid of ourselves and our capacity to feel. For this is what gives life substance. 

If you are ready to experience the full colour spectrum your sexuality has to offer, watch this week's video “How to Masturbate in a Tantric Way” above!

Until next week,

I'm sending you love and Pussy magic as always,

Keeley 🌷✨