My Pubic Hair Horror Stories #hometruthsfromthefrontlineoffemmedome

Do you remember getting your first pubes? What is was like - how you felt?

I was about 10 and in the bath in the house I grew up when I first noticed some little black hairs on my vulva. 

I was a bit mortified, grossed out and also intrigued. I was going to have a woman's body like my mamma! And that felt very exciting!

The road to getting a woman's body however was not going to be an easy ride as I was finding out a few years later. 

Quite frankly, it was going to be fucking traumatising!

In this week's video I share two personal stories about removing my pubic hair as a young woman. 

They are comical and, I hope, endearing and relatable. 

I believe they are the untold stories of many women around the world. 

These are the stories of ordinary female bodies and sexuality. 

It is not all glamour and perfection. 

Yes we are a brilliantly hilarious sex with much more tenacity than the beauty and porn industry would have us believe. 

So if you want a good old chuckle and to reminisce in humour about your teenage years, come join me in today's video made especially for YOU:

Lets inject our real histories into the social narrative and clear the path for future generations of women to be more at peace with who and what they are. 

My vagina is magical. 

And she's a comedy genius too...๐Ÿ˜‰

Watch now^^

And let your Monday be transformed with giggles and joy. 

With love,

Keeley Olivia

Sex and Relationship Expert
Author of Unleashing the Female O
TEDx Speaker
Pussy Revolutionaire