The Heroine's Journey of Sexual Awakening

Every woman has to become the Heroine of her own life.

Otherwise, she ends up bitter, lost, lonely, ill or depressed. 

There is nothing more painful than the regret and loathing inspired by self-betrayal.

It takes great courage to become who you truly are; it often involves going against the grain and risking the rejection of those you most love. 

And yet, the boon is always worth it. 

What do we live for if not adventure and the consistent pursuit of self-realisation?

In this week's video I map for your how the Heroine's Journey reflects directly the pathway of Feminine Sexual Awakening, and in seeing this you are cascaded into the knowing that Sexuality work as a woman is fundamental and essential to your ultimate becoming. 

Watch it now: "The Heroine's Journey of Sexual Awakening."

Do you remember the bit in Wonder Woman where Diana arrives to London and she is just there, in her WW gear, stoting around being all badass and wanting to save the world and not understanding why everyone is so shut down and sad and... clothed?

And Steve is all like - 'Diana put this coat on and don't speak to people and stop saying you're going to kill Aries who is causing the war to random humans who just don't get it'. 

Well, Diana represents the true Heroine in all of us - the woman who is unashamed of her body and her beauty, her magic and her power - who knows exactly what her mission is even when the rest of the world denies and ridicules her. 

Wonder Woman became the highest grossing superhero origin film of all time because it taps into a universal story that speaks to all of our souls, and that culturally is becoming safe to tell now too - it is the story of the Heroine's Journey. 

Dianna is not a sexually ashamed woman - she is powerful and vibrant and lets her gifts flow through her beautiful body. 

Now it is time to embark upon your Heroine's Journey too - and reclaim your innate feminine sexuality - which is an integral, and advanced phase of the Heroine's Journey's spiral back towards self.

Let this week's video support you in doing just that: "The Heroine's Journey of Sexual Awakening" - watch above.

It is time to let your unique superpowers unlock and ignite the fire of your life,

Until next week, 

Feel the magic and mystery of your path awaken, 

With Love,
Keeley ๐Ÿ’˜