Feminism & Sexuality - Dirty Words or Portals to Empowerment?

When a blatant "feminist" explicitly proclaimed she was definitely not one to me some years ago I was bemused and baffled. 

Why? Why did she feel this need to distance herself so vehemently from this word?

And when I mention Pussies and FEAMLE ORGASMS do most of the population squirm and gasp in horror?

In this week's video I dissect Feminism & Sexuality and investigate whether these are just dirty controversial terms, or if in fact they can be portals to your deepest empowerment...

Watch now!

What are some messages you have received around Feminism & Sexuality?

And on a deeper level - what do the words mean to you?

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Watch the video now!

With love,

Keeley Olivia 🧡✌🏻