A Heart Connecting Practice for Couples

When we are babies we instinctively reach out with our arms from our heart. 

We know that love is integral to survival. 

Love is also integral to thriving. 

When our attempts to connect from our heart is rejected or met with deprivation or punishment, we form both physical and emotional defenses to cope. 

In our emotional body, we experience fear, anger, sadness, despair. These emotions stay within the muscles of the body and form chronic tension, pain, and rigidity when we are blocked from fully expressing them in a healthy and safe way. 

In the ego (personality), we develop mechanisms for keeping the heart closed, hidden and protected which might look like mistrust, denial, skepticism, rejection-of-self, and projection of our lost parts onto others. (i.e. struggling in relationship)...

A closed heart manifests in our lives as drama, addictions to food/ alcohol/ drugs/ and relationships with other people who aren't good for us. 

Turning on the news or going on facebook these days can all feel a bit like we are spiraling at galactic speed towards Armageddon. 

The truth is, we all have the capacity to change the world in an instance right there inside of us.

It's not the politicians or corporations, super-rich or celebrities that will alter the direction of humanity, it is us. 

The people, the individuals, the collective. It is each person making choices in the direction of their thriving in their everyday life that changes the world. 

So my message for you today is to choose love. 

Let the defenses drop; be willing to feel vulnerable, open, seen, known in all of who you are. 

See others for the magnificence that shines within rather than the judgments erected to keep them out. 

It is easy to self-exclude and think you're different from everyone else. Loads of people say they "never fitted in". But what if now that is just your personality structure trying to keep you safe from truly deeply connecting - a feat which requires the most courage of all.

What if behind every shelled heart was a depth and compassion so huge that it could heal your past hurts with one flicker. 

I believe this is the true state of humanity. 

This week's video shares a beautiful practice with you for melting the defenses of your heart and softening into more love, intimacy, connection and expansion. 

Love really is all we need. 

Watch this week's video now below "A Heart Connecting Practice for Couples".

(you can also do this practice with yourself or with a friend if you are currently single)

Love heals everything.

So this week go forth and have the audacity and courage to love and be loved.

Watch now: "A Heart Connecting Practice for Couples".

All my love,

Keeley Olivia 💕💏