5 Reasons Why You Need a Regular Self-Pleasure Practice

Back in April I received an email in my inbox from a co-organiser of a TEDx event telling me that she had put my name forward to be a curated speaker at her event. 

The night before this happened I wrote down in my journal that "I am a speaker to a 100,000 audience".

As I wrote that statement out it seemed not of me, it wasn't something I had ever considered before let alone wrote down on paper. I felt more terror at the idea than excitement, and even as I wrote it out it didn't feel like a desire that came from me, but more through me. A pre-determined destiny of mine that I was somehow connecting into. 

I have always found the grandiose nature of the personal development and coaching industry a bit gross. 

And unnecessary. 

Who am I to determine if 10 or 10 million people want to listen to what I have to say?

My only job is to follow the creative impulse that flows through me in every moment and trust where it has to take me.

It is that, I have learned, that takes most courage.

To be committed to you in every moment, residing in humility when that is what is needed, and speaking up when it's time to do that too. 

I once heard Sophie Turner say that what she's most learnt from playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones is that bravery and courage isn't always speaking up for yourself, it's just not backing down in the face of fear. 

PROFOUND or what?

Anyway, I don't know if my talk will ever get listened to by 1000 people, let alone 100,000, but I did know that morning when I woke to that TEDx email invitation that it was a clear pathway to a potential 'how' for the prophecy I had written the night before. 

I know for a fact that we live in a magical, abundant and awe-inspiring universe that is always supporting you to live as closely to your truth as possible, if only you have the audacity to follow the clues and not back down in the face of fear. 

Regular holistic self-pleasure (aka masturbation) has been key to me developing the courage to say yes to my life over and over again, and that is just one reason why taking up a self-pleasure practice will radically change your life!

Watch this week's video now to discover 5 more! 

I believe that we are on a brink of a female self-pleasure revolution...

That will topple the beauty industry and dissolve low-self worth and body hatred prevalent in women all of the world that huge corporations thrive on.

It is time to let your own revelations be born through you, taking back your own power, and living your own life full bore, with your success determined solely by you.

A regular self-pleasure practice is exactly the magic carpet that will transport you at full throttle towards your very own majestic destiny. 

Apparently, I'm on a mission to get at least 100,000 more Vagina's orgasming so it's high time you joined the revolution and clocked up some of those O's!

Watch above "5 Reasons Why You Need a Regular Self-Pleasure Practice".

Girl Power to you my sister!

With love,
Keeley Olivia O πŸ™…πŸΌπŸ’›