3 Ways to Self-Soothe During Arguments

Arguments in long-term relationships are the worst when all we truly want is to feel loved, cherished and understood by our partners. 

There is little that compares to the pain we can feel when at war with our loved ones. 

Have you ever found yourself mid-argument wondering 1) why am i acting so crazy and 2) how can we ever get out of this mess?

...hope feels lost and the heaviness of the argument seems impossible to navigate!

This is exactly where Bobby and I found ourselves last week after a major move and traumatic health scare! 

We were both running on stress cycles in our nervous systems (constant fight, flight or flee) and the result was that our scared inner children were out in full force attempting to run our adult relationship!

Which, if you hadn't guessed, is not the most ideal place for them to be!

The truth is, I think that the majority of people find themselves in similar dilemmas at some point in our relationships - stuck, challenged, hurt, scared, confused - yet oftentimes we feel like we are the only ones who struggle, and make it mean that there is something fundamentally wrong with us or the relationship.

That may be the case if the foundation of the relationship is built on dysfunction or abuse, but if it's built on love and genuine care for one another, it might be that you just need some skills and know-how on how to sail through the storm. 

In this video, I share with you 3 practices that you can use to break patterns of dysfunctional communicating by taking care of your own needs and soothing your nervous system when it is triggered. 

This allows you to show up from a healthy place in your relationship and communicate your truth effectively. 

Watch the video now... 

When all we need is a little love, giving it to ourselves first and foremost can be the most healing antidote to pain.

I have found the three techniques I share in this week's video to be core essential components to me being able to engage fully in an emotionally healthy and mature thriving partnership. 

Sadly, very few of us ever see what an emotionally and sexually healthy model of relationship looks like and so instead of thriving in relationships, we perpetuate the patterns of dysfunction that are inherent in so much of our cultures relating and find ourselves struggling instead. 

That doesn't need to be the case. 

Go find out how to support yourself to be in a beautful and loving relationship today...

By watching the video above!

It is our small interactions with the people close to us that weaves the fabric of our planet, make sure these count and are laced with love for yourself and others. 

I'm sending you infinite oodles of kindness and compassion for you and your wounded inner child.

She/he is magical and deserves to feel so. It's time to parent yourself in a way that is infused with divinity and ultimate loving truth. 

Wishing you access to all the magic and healing that your relationships have to offer, healthy functioning is key.

With love,
Keeley Olivia