How to have an ANGER-GASM 🌋

The angry woman. 

It is the archetype that no woman wants to be known as. 

Suppressed female rage is rife and in my humble opinion is the main contributor to that pesky PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), and many other physical ailments we see that gnaw away at our body’s natural functioning. 

The human body is not a machine; it is a holistic integration of physicality, psychic and spiritual expression. 

Each cell has a purpose and is animated by a life force to do that job in the unique expression of YOU. 

For a very long time, women’s emotions have been considered a detriment to the otherwise sound and rational functioning of the human brain. 

Her sexuality has been owned; by her father, husband, society, culture, legal system or governmental state and her survival mechanism has been to assimilate in favour of that which guarantees her economic stature. 

Business genius if you ask me. 

And now, now times are changing. That shit ain't cool no more, and bitches are fucking furious. 

But still SOOOOO ASHAMED of their deep primal rage. 

In today’s video, I share a super fun and emotionally energising and liberating practice to unleash your wild primal rage in a safe way.

(And FYI, I've never met a woman who doesn't have a deep primal rage accessible at her core. It is innate in who we are. Though many of us are in denial about our anger and turn it against ourselves. Enough is enough. It's time to freely express and release all that has ever kept you caged...)

So watch “How to have an ANGER-GASM” now! 🌋👇🏽 

Suppressed female rage is the rage of MEDUSA who had her head severed by the oppressive oligarchy.

It is the fury of Regan MacNeil who had her body demonised and her sexuality distorted by the Christian Church in The Exorcist. 

It is the grief and pain and devastation of the persecuted witches, the women (& men) raped, and the lands and people colonised and pillaged by war. 

It is the vehemence against all earth and animal abuse. 

It is vile eruption of guttural NO to a class system that denies acknowledgment of the tender creative soul that lives inside all of us.

Human female rage is a powerful potent force that truly has the capacity of ferocity to alter the course of the world. 

It is time for women to unleash and embrace their inner WILD-WOMAN… actually. 

Not just that watered down version that has become over-marketed, and commoditised by the fake "spiritual" well-makers. 

Your wild primal rage is your key to transformation. 

Make peace with her, let her teach and lead you and find the freedom in your body when you awaken your deepest power AND your deepest LOVE. 

It is time to say NO to all that which seeks to destroy your innate unique expression and watch the world transmute into something better as a result. 

Your rage is beautiful. 

Your anger is a gift. 

Don't suppress it and pretend it doesn't exist; allow it to express in healthy ways and let it channel you to greatness. 

We cannot ignore the suffering of our histories and of the planet any longer. Let's look at what most are too afraid to see and let it be the becoming of us. 

Channel your favourite female animal and know how fierce she is when protecting her home, her cubs, her sustenance. Be prepared to flash your gnashers and bare your fangs (like my cute pooches do) when they are protecting their boundaries or defending their right to a fucking epic existence. 

Yes. That message is right from my CUNT to yours. 

Embrace your outrageousness in every aspect of its brilliant magical wild expression. And let it righteously change the world. 

And if you want to know what anger has to do with sex and Unleashing the Female O, well I’ll tell you…

Full-bodied expressive female sexuality IS just that… 


Sexuality is NOT only about pleasure and orgasm, just like life isn’t. And when we limit it to that, we limit our experience of life’s full glory. Full sexuality is experienced when we have the emotional freedom to go wherever our humanity takes us in the moment, whether that is deep grief, sacred stillness, wild cackling, tongue-out Kali-esque rage or grunting and groaning in the sweaty throes of transcendental orgasmic bliss. 

Sex isn’t just sweet. 

Sex is a WILD PRIMAL expression of our SOULS. 

And this anger-gasm practice will take you closer to that than you’ve ever been before. 

SO go now, and watch my epic anger-gasm blow your mind apart as to what you think a real “laydeeee” is. 

Go have your own ANGER-GASM now! 🌋👆🏽

This has been my favourite video to make for you yet. 

It makes me laugh and is so fucking liberating it’s unreal.

This is the real POWER of PUSSY!

Have the most incredible week…

All my love and deep courageous wisdom, 

Keeley Olivia O