A Practice for Creating Powerful Boundaries

I had the fabulous honour of teaching a workshop at The Alternative Weekend Solstice Retreat this Saturday.

I might say that I was awakening or liberating the Pussies, but in all truthfulness, it is always the Pussies awakening and liberating me just as much. 

Sharing sexual awakening work and embodiment practices with other women is profound. 

A little taste of the freedom and beauty possible to them, and kaboom, women are ready to wake the fuck up and shake their life-giving Pussy juice all over the globe.

As soon as you put love, safety and belonging in a room full of women and invite full self-expression, the fullness of SHE will show up and blow our tiny minds into smithereens. 

THIS is what I live for.

It is hard to convey this magic and witchery over video but alas I hope you take something of the glory from it. 

The practice I am sharing here this week was a favourite from the workshop, and it is designed to support you in stepping into the full powerful Queen Warrior Priestess Pussy that you are. 

It is like a lightning bolt to the soul and will jolt you into the truth of WHO YOU ARE. 

Zigazig ah!

Watch now: 

What would the world be like if more women knew and stood for their real embodied YES's and NO's?

What change would yours create in your own life?

Let that be your reality from now.

Sending you love and magic on this epic journey through life,

With Love,

Keeley Olivia O 🧡🚀