6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women

When I was a teenager I remember being so horny that i would have stuck just about anything phallic shaped up my vagina to try and get off. 

One time I used the handle of my hairbrush I was so desperate to try... something! 

Oh gawd I I felt so much shame!

And it never gave me the relief I expected so I didn't bother again. 

Looking back I wonder... why did no-one give me glass dildo or jade egg and a nice little self-pleasure book for girls written by some feminist revolutionary?! (Oh yeah cos that didn't enter exist hence my life mission...)

Why was I brainwashed into being terrified of my own sexuality for fear of being raped or getting pregnant and ruining my life?

Oh, how some real feminine wisdom and guidance could have drastically changed the course of my sexual experiences as a teen, young woman and even older woman for the better!

Thankfully, I am here now, wiser and more knowledgeable than ever before on the art of female sexual expression and I am here to end the pervasive shame and offer a new paradigm for beautiful innate female sexual experiences. 

NOTE TO THE WORLD: female sexuality is beautiful, female masturbation is normal and healthy and we NEED to teach women the feminine erotic arts to end disempowering sexual experiences. 

Watch this weeks video "6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women" below to be a part of this revolution.

I know I wasn't alone in my throws of female teenage unsatiated horniness... 

My hairbrush handle moment was not in isolation - I know women who shoved all sorts up their vaj's or rubbed on their vulva's in aid to try and get off!

Here's just a few that came back to me from a quick survey I sent out this afternoon...

Candles, tampons, vibrating pens, torches, table ends, horse riding, jacuzzi jet sprays, the shower head (of course), and a candy stick! 

This^ is ordinary. (Feel free to write your unique pussy adventures into me!)

And we are doing a great disservice to women by pretending that vibrators and porn and other humans (who quite frankly typically haven't got a clue) are our best bet at learning how to holistically get off when coming into age and beyond.  

Ignorance isn't an answer. All it does is perpetuate disempowerment and push sexuality further into the shadows and create more unnecessary shame. 

(And BTW... if we had been teenage lads experimenting in this way... it would be pretty standard that we have been knighted with legendary status. The shame would be nil and our balls and comedic status would be massive. Isn't that the truth?!)

We all know as adults that sexual expression is incredibly important to feeling creatively alive and free and connected in our lives. 

And guess what? The key to lasting beautiful epic sexual relationships with other people is to, first of all, creating them for ourselves. 

Masturbation IS the new meditation. 

And it is the key to your wild liberated bliss.

It is time for women to step fully into an empowered sexual narrative and that starts with ending shame and creating a holistic self-pleasure practice in their lives. 

This is where REAL self-care begins. 

And so here it is to normalising outrageous female horniness, and here I am offering tools, wisdom, knowledge and skill for women to learn how to harness their wild innate beautiful sexuality for themselves and their own pleasure. 

Yes, I do believe that sexually empowered women will (and are) changing the world. 

Reclaim the magical beautiful radiant pleasure that lives in your exquisite body here right now by watching "6 Life-Changing Masturbation Tips for Women"

She has been waiting for you to arrive your entire life. 

This is your key. 

With love and Pussy freedom always, 

Keeley Olivia πŸ₯’πŸ’š