It's time to love your LUSCIOUS BODY! woot!

Hello friend! 

Recently I was writing for my new upcoming book (Unleash the Power of Your Pussy) and was conducting some research as to just how many women dislike their bodies and here are some of the shocking statistics I found... 

  • 97% of women will be cruel to their bodies today 
  • 90% of women say their body causes them to feel down 
  • 80% of women in the USA are dissatisfied with their appearance and 60% of British women hate the way they look
  • 40% of 7-10-year-old British girls feel they are not pretty enough 

WTAF PEOPLE????!?!??!!!?!?!

How utterly devastating is this state of affairs?


How many times have you said to yourself that you will love yourself when... you lose an extra kg or 10, you workout x times per week, you stop eating carbs, you make more sales, you get that job, or that guy, or that promotion. 


The madness stops today. 


Watch "It's time to LOVE your LUSCIOUS body!" now and join the Keeley-reLOVEution. 

I know for an absolute FACT that either you yourself have hated/ despised/ berated/ abused/ judged and loathed your very own magnificent body OR you know another WOMAN who has. 

Today's video will help you heal and let go the systematic oppression of female bodies that you have internalised and open your eyes to the real truth about yourself...

That you are as majestic as a wild Cheetah and it's time to start owning the fuck out of your spots!

Yeehaaaaa to THAT!

Woot woot! Shabba. 

You know what to do...
Watch "It's time to LOVE your LUSCIOUS body!" now.

Your life will never be the same again. 

I love and ADORE you infinitely. 

You wild luscious beast la femme. 

Go claim what is rightfully yours and say HELL NO to the STATUS QUO!

Until tomorrow the whole world is my home la la la la!

With love, 

Keeley Olivia πŸ†πŸŒ»πŸ™Œ


P.S. Obviously I'm coming to your from a hot tub for a bank holiday special cos why the heck would I not be?!? πŸ€©