Two radical ways to curb arguments in long-term relationships

Do you ever have those days when you and your partner seem to just constantly get on each other's nerves?

Like, you're really doing each other's heads in, constant bickering, picking at each other, feeling so super frustrated that you don't seem to be able to connect in the way you so deeply desire?

Me and Bobby definitely have had days like that, and still do sometimes. 

Years ago it would last the whole day or more and we would feel at a loss for how to navigate our stalemates that left us feeling so misunderstood and alone. 

One minute I'd be there with high hopes for our weekend adventures and the next I'd be tardissed back in time to that 14-year-old waging war on her dad. 

Oh the exasperation for this human in front of me! 

Nowadays we are able to catch ourselves much quicker and re-navigate the ship towards harmony, though we still can spend way longer than we need to in our fight to be right. 

I believe that better relationships are the ONLY thing that can TRULY change our world and bring more towards peace, love, kindness, and compassion.

So that is why I made you this weeks video sharing "my two favourite radical ways to curb arguments and increase longevity in long-term relationships".

Watch now:

You won't find anyone else sharing these tips, because they are so much more effective than most of the basic communication skills out there which always rely on the other person playing game. 

These two practices will allow you to:

1) stay centered and in control (instead of reacting) when you're partner is having a freakout AND
2) direct your own energy to bring the greatest capacity of love and healing to you and your partner during challenging times (yay).

YOU are powerful to influence your relationship in the direction that you want and that is a beautiful realisation and capacity to hold. 

Here's to you creating more love in your life and your partnerships, because, really, love IS all you need,

Go watch the video now: "Two radical ways to curb arguments in long-term relationships"

Sending you infinite sunshine and spring goodness,

With love,
Keeley Olivia