5 Signs You're Ready For A Sexual Awakening

Today I'm here to share with you some deep insider information around what this sexuality work is all about. 

You see, to the ordinary eye, sexuality work might look like it is about pleasure, better sex, improved relationships, stronger orgasms, deeper connections with your lover and increased intimacy in your life. 

A hedonistic pursuit perhaps, for the new age garlic loving liberal who has time to browse Bali in his or her spare time. 

And yes, sexuality work certainly does encompass incredible orgasmic experiences and powerful relating that will transform your entire life, though you can be anyone anywhere and experience profound sexual awakening right now. 

It is not reserved for the elite tantric masters or Indian guru's. It is for extra-ordinary people like me and you, living our fucking brilliant non-normal lives who crave just a little more YES.

Sexuality ISN'T really about SEX, 
It is about your WILD yes to LIFE. 

Orgasm isn't about PLEASURE, 
It is about discovering your DIVINITY within. 

Partnership isn't about 'better-COMMUNICATION' (yawn)
It is about healing and integrating our DEEPEST wounds...

So that we can LOVE
And we can LIVE
That when we come DANCE with DEATH
We will SHOUT
You can TAKE ME NOW, 
For I GAVE all of MYSELF to LIFE
I gave ALL of MYSELF to LOVE
AND I said YES YES YES when it mattered MOST.

SO if you think you might be ready for your wild sexual awakening, I put together a little video for you here which describes the 5 biggest signs that you are ready for this deep profound work.

It is not for everyone, in fact very few can handle the depth and power of this incredible work.

Watch "5 Signs You're Ready For A Sexual Awakening" below now to see if it could be exactly what you've been searching for.

(They aren't what you think and if you're here reading this, I bet 100% you recognise yourself in ALL of them!)

If you watch right to the end you will see Bobby channeling the Fairy King and our Mighty Boosh inspired nipple pasties! βœ¨πŸ˜‰

Hehe - there's never a dull moment over at KO HQ! 

Watch it now! It will be the best decision you make ALL week!!! 

Watch "5 Signs You're Ready For A Sexual Awakening" above.

Sending you love and Fairy Magic as always, 

Keeley Olivia O 🧚