Using Archetypes in Sexual Play

I am coming to you today with a fabulously exciting and rather advanced sexual practice for you to explore!

I have a whole chapter dedicated to creative sexuality and it's transformative power in my upcoming book, and today's video is based on just that: creative sexual play. 

Watch the brand new video: "Using Archetypes in Sexual Play" below: 

You may have come across Archetypes in Jungian Psychoanalysis or explored them in modern day personal development.  

It doesn't really matter where you heard about them first, what does matter is how much potential they hold to allow you to integrate and access aspects of your psyche that you may otherwise not have the courage or confidence to express. 

Archetypes offer you a quantum tunnel towards the full force of who and what you want to express, meaning that you can surpass barriers of fear that you previously could not.

And in so doing, you get to express and discover the deepest, darkest, most adventurous and exquisite parts of your sexy self that you previously longed to know...

I share my very favourite Archetypes that you can start your explorations with today!

It's super sexy and I'm so excited for you to watch - I'd love to hear about your sexy adventures playing with your favourite Sexual Archetypes in the comments below!

Why not break your sexual taboo's and had a little fun with yourself? 

With love and a juicy Pussy,

Keeley Olivia O