4 Biggest Blocks To Sexuality For Women

In this weeks video, I am sharing with you the 4 biggest blocks that women have to allowing their full authentic vibrant sexuality. 

When you allow the full force of your sexuality to flow through your body and your life - pure magic happens - because your sexual energy is the most potent force in existence. 

If you want to get to a place where you can Birth Your New Reality From Your Vagina (in other words use, Sex Magic for advanced manifestation), then first you have to release the fundamental sexual blocks keeping you shamed, triggered, humiliated and small. 

So many women are curious about using Sex Magic yet are still terrified of the word PUSSY. Which is exactly why "Fear of Pussy" is the number 1 block I see keeping women sexually shut-down and small. 

"Fear of Pussy" comes in all sorts of insidious forms and is caused by societal lies, scaremongering, maintenance of the status quo, fear of change, unhealed emotional baggage, sexual trauma, past hurts and more. "Fear of Pussy" is a blatant lie and once you get that, your life will be forever changed. 

Watch the video "4 Biggest Blocks To Sexuality For Women" to find out why, how and what the other 3 blocks are keeping women sexually stuck, small and insignificant. 

Women say to me all the time - "wow, I follow your work and love what you do" - slightly in awe and shock and terror -yet they never comment on it publicly. They are desperately craving to talk about, to explore it and to transform their Pussies into the full majesty they know them to be, but the fear usually wins, and so they watch from the sidelines, waiting until the masses have latched on. 

Are you on the front lines of the revolution with me? Or are you peeking through closed eyes waiting until the whole world has woken up to the truth. 

You know what they about genius: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

I always knew I was a born genius. 

If you're here, I'm guessing you are too. 

Watch this week's epic video above

To Pussy infinity and beyond.

With Pussy love and juice,

Keeley Olivia O