How To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction In Long Term Relationships (for partners)

There is a dark seething shadow in sexuality that affects way more people than you would think but that no-one dare speak about. 

Men are too ashamed to speak about this and their partners have no idea how to fix it - so what happens? Unnecessary divorce, endless arguments, and frustration, disconnection, and a whole lotta grief. 

The reason why we have no clue how to navigate it is because we have been fed a lie about sexuality and especially male sexuality. 

We have been brainwashed to believe it is normal for men to want to have sex all of the time - with anyone or thing - and that if he doesn't, or heaven forbid, isn't able to, well then he isn't truly a man. 

As for a woman, if she has a sexuality that is greater than her partners (if she's heterosexual), well then she is an anomalous lustful insatiable slut. 

The conditioning around sexuality is very strong and rife and damaging for both men and women but in very different ways. 

In today's video, I'm talking about some ways it's been especially damaging to men and how their women can support them...

I'm talking about how you can deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) in long-term relationships.

The advice I share in this video is also applicable to you if you and your partner experience different levels of sex-drives - i.e. one of you has a really high desire for a lot of sex more so than the other.

Many women who have higher sex drives than their partner can feel like something is wrong with them that their partner's don't want to have sex as often as they do, because, well, aren't men supposed to be sexual beasts who want sex all the time?! 

(hint: no more so than women, but that's the lie you've been fed)

Not getting your sexual needs by your partner is one of the most painful and challenging experiences you can go through in an intimate loving partnership and it can feel hopeless and despairing to be in this place and not know how to navigate through it skillfully. 

You may feel like separation or finding a new lover is your only choice but in this video, I share new innovative insights and advice that you won't find anywhere else (because no-one is having this holistic conversation about ED)!

Even if you don't suffer from having a higher sex drive than your partner or have ED in your relationship, this video still has some epic awesome sex advice (like how to worship cock) so be sure to check it out above.

This video focuses explicitly on what the partner who isn't getting all of their sexual needs met can do to ease frustration, blame, and expectation and increase love, connection and compassion back into your relationship. 

It's not an easy subject to talk about but it's time to end the shame once a for all. 

A man's penis is an expression of divinity whether flaccid or hard and it's time we remember that truth!

You are here leading the revolution. 

What a star you are! ⭐️

With love and deep compassion,

Keeley Olivia O