Create More LOVE in your Life with this Profoundly Beautiful Intimacy Practice

With Valentine's day on the horizon, this week I decided to share with you a very special 'love practice' that my partner and I do daily. 

You do not need a partner to do this practice, which is guaranteed to increase feelings of intimacy, connection, happiness, love, and joy. As I describe in the video, you can do it with any other human, or yourself, or of course, your Vulva...

(The latter is an advanced practice I have all my private coaching clients do ;))

Anything that is going to increase more love, connection, and kindness in the world is well worth it, and you need only 1 minute to do create this right now. 

So why not gift that to yourself, and watch your day profoundly shift...

Watch "Create More LOVE in Your Life with this Profoundly Beautiful Intimacy Practice" below.

It is Bobby's video debut (apart from that time he pretended to be an orangutan in the woods) and wow I just feel so much all-encompassing love and gratitude for this magnificent human being. 

He even put his morph suit on while doing the ironing just for your perusal. 

So if you want to see a big Scottish man don a St Andrews flag spandex onesie (who doesn't?) - this video is for you...

Right after we made the video, we signed up for a Soul Mate training - the only one of its kind in the world. 

Which means that later this year, we will be adventuring through Europe to discover the next level of what our lifelong partnership is about for us. 

How wonderfully exciting?! And terrifying too

I am certain of one thing at least: there will be lots of brand new material for a good entertaining story...

You see, a number of years ago now I signed me and Bobby up for a couples Joyful Loving training weekend. It sounded epic, and although Bobby was quite mortified by my actions, he was up for trying it out. 

When we arrived at the venue (obviously late cos it was in the middle of nowhere) we weren't quite sure if we had turned up to an orgy or not (and we still aren't really); it was a mix of tantra and shamanism and other things I aren't quite sure of - and as I find is typical with these kinds of spaces... rather sparse boundaries and a little bit of a weird subculture you can't really put your finger on. 

But we were there and it was only 3 days and we were staying in a caravan in a field and so agreed that we could leave at any moment should we so choose but we might as well stick it out, just to see...

During one of the practices - Bobby's least favourite of them all - everyone had to put on blindfolds and then we were instructed to "unleash the rapist" and suddenly the room filled with screeches and groans and well, how would you feel if you weren't expecting to unleash your rapist in a room filled were strangers and were suddenly instructed to?

We went to visit my Dad last month and Bobby recalled this story to him, I looked at him - eyes wide and gaping mouth. Deary. My Dad is a man who spends all of his spare time watching Sky Sports. 

Bobby thought it was hilarious. 

And so who knows what new anecdotes we will unveil upon our Soul Mate journey to announce to my unassuming father as the football pools are announced in the background...

But you can be sure they will be hilarious and that we will share them with you here first. 

In the meantime, go enjoy LOVE and LIFE and fill your day with gratitude that you, my dear, exist. 

So go watch "Create More LOVE in Your Life with this Profoundly Beautiful Intimacy Practice" now. 

With love and orgasmic world peace coming your way, 

Keeley Olivia O