Best Intimacy Practice Ever For Couples

Just a few years ago I remember lying in my bed late at night wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn't seem to make my relationship work. 

We would get into such frustrated places where nothing made sense and had no skills or know how to navigate out of these bafflements. 

I would have a full-blown tantrum in my utter despair only to feel even more distanced and isolated from my partner with whom I was trying to connect. 

If there is one thing I am deeply passionate about it is learning how to live and love more freely. 

I am astounded at the absolute non-existent formal training and development we receive as human beings to create healthy lasting and soulful relationships. 

Most of us are running around blaming, shaming and trying to change our partners. 

But guess what? What if no-one at all needed to 'change', what if everyone was perfect just as they are right now?

What if all they needed were greater capacities of love and holding and kindness?

How would that shift your mindset from one of closedness to one of growth and possibility?

In today's video, you get to witness how Bobby and I transformed our relationship from one hopelessness to one pure divine love and gratitude. 

It's beautiful. You're going to absolutely love it. 

Click below to watch it now: Best Intimacy Practice for Couples Ever

Let me know what takeaways you get from this video by leaving a comment on the blog below. 

I love you infinitely,

Here's to humans like YOU, changing the world one intimacy practice at a time. 

WIth love and gratitude, 

Keeley Olivia 

P.S. I'm pretty sure this video places Bobby in the realms of Mr Darcy - what do you think?