Sexual Empowerment for Men 101

If there is one thing that has become apparent to me since my TEDx talk went live and shot to over 300,000 views in just ten days it is this:

The Sexual Revolution is for EVERYONE.

It requires everyone.

And MEN especially do not want to be left out of the conversation.

So today I am responding to the many requests for the recognition, acknowledgement and love for men that I have received of late.

Sexual empowerment is deserved by everyone everywhere. And men need just as much love, support and compassion as anyone else.

We all desire to thrive. And the tools to thrive are finally here and being made available on mass scale to anyone who wants to access them.

Watch my new video Sexual Empowerment for Men and get access to those tools for yourself:

Maybe in my life time we will see the school system actually teach the skills required for healthy adulting, or maybe we’ll take matters into our own hands - quite literally, and acquire them for ourselves.

That is after all what revolutions are all about, taking autocratic and plutocratic power and placing it in the hands of each individual sovereign being.

The Sexual Revolution for men is here. It is a revolution in ordinary human thought and behaviour, and most importantly, it is a revolution towards greater love.

The 4 Foundational Components of Sexual Empowerment for Men that I share in this week’s video are the beginning of a global change in regular male sexuality.

Taking it to new heights of beauty, divinity and profound embodied ecstasy. 

So watch the video now and get in on the good times ahead!

Into the stratosphere together we go,

With love and magic,

Keeley Olivia