A Guided Practice for Feeling Like A Wild Sex Diva 🦊🌲

In today's video I have created for you a guided practice that will help you to overcome any insecurity, shyness or low self-esteem when it comes to flirting your sexy way through life. 

You're probably super hot and don't even know it!

Truth is, I believe that everyone is when they are being their full radiant unique self.

There is nothing more magnetic or fun to be around than someone who is really comfortable and happy in who they are.

Self Esteem is SEXY AF. 

I used to feel awkward or embarrassed when connecting deeply with other humans, especially one's I felt attracted to.

In fact, for many years I only experienced sexual intimacy when drunk cos doing it sober felt too intense!

And not in a good way.

Even still now it will sometimes creep up and surprise me. I can do this thing where I just smile and cut off the sensations from my Pussy or body so as to not feel the powerful energy flowing through me. 

I disconnect from the power of my body, AND the pleasure of my sexuality! 

Which I think is a real shame because I believe this is the exact experience we most pertinently crave. 

We have such deep conditioning that feeling our sexuality is bad or dangerous, manipulative or harmful, but the truth is, feeling sexually alive is the most special kind of healing and transformative magic and medicine out there. 

Enjoy your Guided Practice for Feeling Like A Wild Sex Diva…

The practice I share in this week's video will support you in feeling sexy, alive and present in your body in any situation. 

Especially in situations which feel really high stakes. Like hot dates and connections with beautiful people, important career moments and getting on the bus! 

The new paradigm is to fully own humanity, which includes our sexuality. 

Because sexual empowerment IS the ultimate empowerment. 

It is time to untame yourself and unlock your inner wild woman. 

The historical world for feminine virility has been SLUT. 

Now we embody the power of our ovaries and let them literally birth new magical realms from our Vagina's. 

It starts with owning and enjoying feeling like a Wild Sex Diva and giggling your way through life. 

So give yourself ten minutes in your day to feel exquisite with your Guided Practice for Feeling Like A Wild Sex Diva.

Let your Pussy be your pendulum. And unleash your magnetic magic on the world. 

Truly, YOU are a gift to everyone you meet. 

Sending you infinite love and Pussy rays through time and space,

To the cosmos and beyond,

Keeley πŸ±πŸ‘‘πŸ’– xxxxxx