How To Feel Worthy Of Male Attention

Today we're talking about an experience I think every human can relate to...

...the encounter of meeting a hot human being.


You know, the kind of juicy encounter which reminds you what it was like to be 15 years old again. 

And feel full of sexy aliveness and magic and possibility. 

What a phenomenal gift to receive as we walk through life. The blessing of a sexy human. 

Wouldn't life be great if we were all just slinking though life full of sexy radiance, instead of traffic, and bosses, and deadlines, and drunk people pissing on building walls in broad daylight - or is that just Glasgow?

(I mean the sheer audacity of that guy was quite inspiring to me but there was a couple of women in front of me who were horrified! I digress...)

SO yeah, feeling sexy. What a wonderful thing - why does it feel so fleeting, and... like it always has to come via someone else?

If you're anything like me you want to basque in that feeling of turn on and Pussy magic long after the train ride ends, and you actually want to feel worthy of it. 

For so long I felt so awkward in such encounters because well, I guess I just didn't feel worthy of beautiful sexual attention. Or I was scared of it. Or - on some level - I didn't believe that another human being could actually be attracted to me. 

Which seems so bizarre when I say it out loud now. Cos like, why would they not be? We are ALL so Goddamn SEXY!

We can all tap into that power and quality of feeling sexy whenever we want because it lives inside of us!

Want to know a secret? - Your sexy embodied power actually lives in your Pussy.

And when you are turned on and tuned into Her your unique essence can't help but sparkle and activate the world around. 

It's fun and beautiful and sensual and luscious!

All you have to do is tap into your Pussy magic and you can slink around town feeling like a hot Goddess whenever you want.

You deserve to feel worthy and receptive of all the magic that brings. 

Your energy and presence is a gift exactly as you are right now. Feel that truth emanate from you and let your life get sexier than you ever knew possible. 

It sparks our creativity AND it feels great!

In today's video I share 3 practices that can help you as a woman overcome any unworthiness, awkwardness and negative self talk that you might feel around receiving attention for your beauty and radiance. 

It is my observation that most women have a distorted negative view around their true essence and beauty and really don't see how magnificent they are!

They look to the external world for validation of their beauty, and it's time to turn that on it's head and feel your power from within. 

Let these 3 Pussy activation practices turn you on to life:

Watch "How to Feel Worthy of Male Attention" now…

(and even if you're not a hetero woman you will still find these practices really powerful since they are essentially turning you onto your own beauty and radiance so you can be a magnet for whom or whatever you want to attract in your life!)

You deserve it, and since Christmas is nearly upon us, let your hair loose and feel the sparkle and magic that is you!

Next week I'll be in New York on a Pussy Pilgrimage in the name of sexual aliveness and radiant self expression! Can't wait to tell you all about that! 

For now, enjoy yourself and watch,

You are the revolution.

Keeley 😻✨