3 Unexpected Powers of Cervical Orgasms πŸ’₯

In this week's video I'm sharing with you the 3 Unexpected Powers that CERVICAL ORGASMS will gift you!

Oh my days. Cervical O's are my absolute fav topic. Fav of all time. 

There is nothing quite like birthing a new galaxy from your Vagina (aka having a Cervical O) to wake you up on a Monday morn and get your cockles warmed!

In fact, I truly believe that if every woman the globe over started her Mondays with a Cervical Orgasm first thing we would live in a very different world! 

One more akin to the magic of Harry Potter but when Voldy isn't at large. Although of course he is right now in the world (hello Donald).

A woman's cervical O is her ultimate PATRONUS! It's time to beat those wintery blues and get yourself a wildly orgasmic pulsating vibrating juicy Vagina and unlock those super powers within. 

You can find out all about doing that right here...

I didn't even know what a Cervical Orgasm was a few years ago and since discovering my own it has become my mission to awaken the cervixes of women around the globe...

Why? Well that's exactly what I share in the video, but let me put it this way...

If I'd have spent the decade between 14 and 24 having cervical orgasms and loving my body instead of getting wrecked and having diabolical relationships and dire sexual experiences I would have had a very different life - one where I cried much fewer tears of sadness and many more of joy!

This is what I now imagine for other women and future generations. 

So join me in the Pussy Revolution and come find out the 3 Unexpected Powers of Your Cervical Orgasm! 

To your never ending orgasmic bliss,

Keeley Olivia 😻