let's talk about... SLEEP ORGASMS!

In this week's video...

We're opening the conversation about sleep orgasms! 

What are they, why do we have them and whan can they tell us about human sexuality!

I became fascinated with them when I started to have them!

OMG those are the BEST nights sleep!!


Have you ever had a sleep orgasm?

It turns out... wet dreams exist for women as well! 

Watch the video to find out more!

I'd love to hear your own personal stories so please share them below!

(note: this discussion isn't just for people who've had sleep orgasms - its for everyone, including those interested in having one and those who are just happy to learn about our phenomenal human body!)

Like usual I mix through some fascinating research to make the discussion all the more interesting...

Turns out that up to a third of women have had sleep orgasms!

And that yes, orgasm IS an altered state of consciousness which activates the entire brain - unlike any other human activity!

Lots of love, 

Keeley Olivia

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