The Masturbation Revolution

We are living in remarkably revolutionary times.

And to be here with me now reading this, that means that YOU are THE leading edge.

Have no doubt, we are on the precipice of great change amongst human thought and behaviour with regards to the body and sexuality. 

To be here with you at this time is remarkable, and one of the greatest honours of my life. 

No joke. 

I fucking love my life and the work I do so much. 

I would do it if the only way to share the message was to stand in city centre's preaching,

and I would do it if all it meant I ate my whole life was lentil stew - like they did in The Young Ones. 

This week I am announcing the arrival of THE MASTURBATION REVOLUTION  to the entire world, and I do hope you will join me in the jubilations...


On Thursday of this week - 1st November 2018 - the doors to the world's first MASTURBATION SCHOOL will open as my Self-Pleasure School opens to the public.

It is a pioneering disruption to the ordinary exhibit of human relationship to self.

This is fundamental, and actual REAL profound and life-changing SELF-LOVE at its core. 

Self-Pleasure School is THE global initiative that will close all of the gender gaps that ever existed and create a world of more joyful orgasmic creatively expressed and soulful happy humans. 

Fuck yes to all of that. 

I'll be back in your in box later this week with more info about Self-Pleasure School (aka MASTURBATION SCHOOL FOR THE MODERN DAY PUSSY WITCH).

But for now, join me in bringing in the new times with this week's video. 

It is my favourite yet...


Together we are wild fire,

I salute you, from my Vagina to yours, in deepest reverence and raucous profanity.

You are a fucking living legend,

See you very very soon,

With Love from,

(of the Olivia Pussy Queen clan).