My STD experience...

If you'd've told me 10 years ago when I was sat in a sexual health clinic getting cryotherapy on my cervix that one day I would be proclaiming this to the world I probably would have passed out in mortification. 

Alas, a lot has changed in that decade. 

And now, the fact I had an STD bothers me less than my random beard hairs. Yes I get those. 

I'm not here to glamorise STD's or encourage you to rush out and get one at your first available opportunity...

Nor do I want to trivialise the real pain and suffering that they, and any ill health, can bring. 

However, I do know that I wasted far too may years being completely disconnected from my Vagina because of my STD experience.

And quite frankly, those are years I will never be getting back.

Years I lost to shame and humiliation, that I never needed take on in the first place. 

In all truth, my Vagina and I were perfectly OK, we were more than that, we were magical, but because I was scared of what was going on down there, and didn't have the support to navigate the emotional impact of having an STD, I never quite fully tapped into her powers!

Thankfully, I stopped being afraid of my Vagina and got over my STD...

And now I'm here to tell that tale to you!

And in so doing, lighten the stigmatic load around STD's and give hope of emotional freedom around our sexual health. 

Watch below this week's video: "My STD experience..."

People have often reflected "courage" or "bravery" to me in sharing such a story, and I always take issue with such terms. 

Since, for there to be courage or bravery there must also be fear, but what is there to be afraid of?

We are just humans living our real human lives, why do we need to be so frightened of who and what we are?

Yes one time I got some warts on my Vag, and then I did loads of other things too. And it helped me grow up and take some self responsibility and it also taught me about cultivating unwavering self-love and self-respect and commitment to myself as well. 

It turned out, in the grand history of my life, to be a positive experience for which I am grateful. 

Just like that time I dug organic potatoes out of a field in Prague. 

Why should either one story have more shame than the other?

Today I choose to un-filter my human experience and stand outside of accepted cultural norms in the aid of love, unity, connection and healing. 

Will you join me?

Watch this week's video now!

Let's ramp up the revolution of no stigma, freedom of expression and soulful self-compassion. 

I love my Vagina, and I know that she loves me. 

See you next week 😉,

Lots of magical Vag love,

Keeley Olivia