The Magical Jade Egg

Today is a big day. 

Monumental, in the history of things. 

Capitulation ends here and now. 

Because today I have for you quite possibly my most important and revolutionary message yet. 

Oh yes. 

It poured out of me, down from the heavens above, and of course up from the realms deep within my Pussy and Womb. 

I cannot tell you in words just how imperative this message is, for the world right now, for the women of the planet, and most poignantly, for you. 

Why you? Well because you are here, reading this. You said YES. 

You feel the call; you are here in the trenches, heading up the front line of the Pussy revolution, getting down and dirty in the thick of it, feeling all of the feels and churning up the old paradigm of disempowerment and disconnect, seeing it dissolve as the new dawn emerges. 

You, my friend, have the courage to be here when most are still too afraid, and for that, I salute you. 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~Anaïs Nin

The day has come for you to blossom, into all of your majestic brilliance, and to help on your journey I have the most valuable of Talisman to support you...

It was kept a secret for so long, and now it’s revival is upon us. 

Perhaps the most prominent symbol of true female sexual empowerment and awakening in existence...

I give to you…

“The Magical Jade Egg”.

Click below to watch it immediately - for it will be the best decision you have hitherto in your life made! 

I am throwing all humility out of the window today when I say with the most certainty that I have ever had, that this video is TED-worthy. 

I would even go as far to say OPRAH worthy. 


That’s right, THAT is how much I BELIEVE in this message and the power of this work. 

And that is exactly why you need to watch it right now and share it with every human you know!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^

The time is now, the women marched this weekend, and now their Pussy ripples penetrate every pocket of the globe with power and wisdom and boldness and strength. 

A strong woman MUST have a strong Pussy. 

And the Magical Jade Egg will provide you with that and so much more. 

So make haste and discover what the Magical Jade Egg is going to do for you. 


And your Magical Pussy Powers, 

I see you and it is wondrous.

Epic love and revolutionary genius to you dear sister,

Keeley Olivia O