How to Birth New Galaxies from your Vagina

You have heard me say before that Birthing New Galaxies from your Vajayjay is the Holy Grail for La Femme. 

But maybe you get sick of all the airy-fairy nonsense that people spew. 

You’re like - 'what the fuck are you even on about it and more importantly, how can I actually achieve it?’

Well, I have some good news for you, your frustrations stop right here. 

In today’s video, I share with you the 5 fundamental foundational tools of holistic sexuality that are the only keys you need to transport you to other time-space dimensions, or, in more practical terms, awaken your Pussy and body to her full orgasmic sexual capacity. 

Watch 'How to Birth New Galaxies from your Vagina' now.

Birthing New Galaxies from your Vagina is a metaphor for what happens when you wake up the orgasmic potential of your cervix. 

Watch the mystery of the cosmos reveal itself before your very eyes as your whole body shudders and ripples through waves of full-bodied orgasmic bliss. 

Here, we talk about real women’s empowerment, not the sickly, sugar-coated, overdone, shame-inducing, true Pussy power fearing claptrap you see everywhere else.

Here, we learn how to Birth New Galaxies from our Vagina’s. 

Do you want to know the absolute very best bit?

The 5 tools I share with you are ALL things you have available to you right now and are all things that you are highly accomplished in already. 

When you mix them together in the cauldron of your Pussy the magic of your humanness unleashes and inspires excellence in your life. 

Hooray for beautiful and excellent Pussies en force! 

Like meditation though, while seemingly simple on the surface, a lot of deep tectonic movements and transformations are occurring deep below, and it is the same with holistic sexuality practices. 

Easy in theory, implementation is what sets those who succeed in Birthing New Galaxies from their Vagina’s apart. 

So make haste, and begin your fortuity today. 

Watch ‘How to Birth New Galaxies from your Vagina’ by clicking above and transport yourself to outer space now. 

Apparently, it seems we have beaten Sir Richard Branson & his Virgin Galactic team to their very mission. 

Until next time -

Love and Pussy Rays coming your way 💖 🌈

Keeley Olivia