Breast Massage 101: The Secret to Epic Self Love


I made you an epic video sharing the absolute best practice in the world for cultivating more self-love, happiness and body love in your life as a woman. 

Unfortunately, YouTube removed my video. 

They then thankfully reinstated it once I appealed their decision, but with an age restriction, which makes it pretty hard to see unless YouTube know how old you are. 

So I made a PG version with male breasts and we will have to see if they censor that. 

If they do, it certainly won't be because of the male nipples, it will be entirely due to "inappropriate female exposure". 

But I digress, you can watch both videos on today's blog here...

And I am super grateful for a platform where I can actually share this stuff with you freely and pretty liberally.


The PG version (this only contains bare naked male nipples to feast your eyes on):

WARNING: If you are afraid of female nipples, do not watch this below video. 

Because you will see one, and you may then have to scratch your eyes out in your attempt to unsee.

The fact that the video has been restricted is exactly why you need to watch it; to reclaim what is rightfully yours, to stop censorship on who and what you are, and to experience more love, fun, pleasure and beauty in your life right now. 

Who doesn't want that? I know I certainly do!

If GP's were prescribing breast massage at the rate of painkillers and anti-depressants, we would exist in a very different world. One more akin to... Themyscira (more formally known as Pleasure Island, or, Wonder Woman's hometown).

You will love this video because it has the most incredible follow along practice that you can do at your will to have an immediate dose of oxytocin and serotonin (aka happiness) in your bloodstream and therefore life. 

Yay for feel-good hormones. Yay for breasts. Yay for YouTube agreeing that female nipples are OK as long as you're an adult looking at them for artistic, educational or scientific purposes. 

Enjoy. I love you. Peace out xxxx.