The Real Reason 1 in 3 Women Experience Pain During Sex (it's not what you think)

1 in 3 women experienced some pain the last time they had sex,

1 in 6 women will have Vulvodynia at some point in their lives. 

Vulvodynia is chronic unexplained pain in the vulva. 

On top of this, a factor with which a woman is likely to rate her sexual satisfaction is whether or not she felt any pain. 

No pain = good sex?!?

How did this become the norm?!

Exactly how did sex get so painful for us?

Today I answer that question, and the answer is not what you think. 

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Come with me on this journey and discover the deeper core reasons why sex is so painful for so many women. 

Only when we know the root cause of an ailment can it truly transform back to wholesome health. 

You won't hear your Doctor or Gynaecologist telling you what I share in this video. 

But I promise you, it is nothing but the truth. 

You, my friend, deserve to experience epic sex and full-bodied multiorgasmic pleasure just like every woman does. 

That quest begins right here. 

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To your total orgasmic bliss, 

With love, 

Keeley Olivia