Head Pussy Queen - Keeley Olivia

Masturbation Memoir

Unleashing the Female O - a book about female orgasm that invites your sexual beliefs into the 21st century.

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The revolution has begun. Viva la Vulva. 

Written by Keeley Olivia

TEDx Talk

“Masturbation is the New Meditation” - a revolution in ordinary human thought.

Written & performed by Keeley Olivia


Self Pleasure School

The World’s First Masturbation School presents monthly classes for you to unlock the mighty power of your V & squirt your juices on the world!

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Keeley Olivia is a Pussy Connoisseur on a mission to revamp the sexual experiences of women worldwide. Her book Unleashing The Female O is the only Masturbation Memoir and Magical Pussy Guide in existence and it tells the story of ordinary female sexuality - including the unglamorous and uncouth - and offers a new narrative for women to connect lovingly and in a fun way to their bodies and sexuality.

Keeley’s TEDx talk Masturbation Is The New Meditation marks the moment when the Pussy Revolution will accelerate beyond belief sparking the New Wave Sexual Revolution which is essential if humanity wants to get itself out of the funk it’s currently in. She is the founder of Self Pleasure School, a global initiative to give women the proper sexual education they never got at school, empowering them to close the gender orgasm gap and all of the other gender gaps that still exist.

Keeley Olivia is a professionally trained transformational, and sex, love and relationship coach as well as an academic researcher and scientist with almost a decade of experience. She holds a first class degree in Chemistry, studied Regenerative Medicine at postgraduate level and has a Masters degree in Medical Statistics. She is now bringing Anarchy to the UK via the Sexual Revolution!

Keeley has a magical Vagina, and wants you to know, that so do you!

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