Written by Keeley Olivia

Unleashing the Female O - a book about female orgasm that invites your sexual beliefs into the 21st century.

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The revolution has begun. 

Viva la Vulva. 


Keeley Olivia is a Sexuality and Relationship Expert trained at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality in Los Angeles. Her speciality is in  supporting couples and individuals to discover their wild primal sexual self and have a deeper more authentic experience of life. 

She combines her world-class training in sexuality with a decade worth of experience as a Professional Scientist and Research Academic. She holds a First Class Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, two Masters level degrees (in Regenerative Medicine and Medical Statistics) and several published research papers in the fields of social, medical and public health.

Keeley believes that sexual aliveness and radiance is the natural state of the human body and is on a mission to bring this truth into as many lives as possible. Her unique perspective and piercing insight is shaking up ordinary thought on human sexuality and thriving. 


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